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    Birch for Adirondack furniture? plus some walnut, spalted maple/oak, ironwood...

    Hi, let's start by saying I know nothing about woodworking but sure do love looking at what you all create! I have an acre lot here in Raleigh (Swift Creek area) and a NCSU/USFS forester has been helping me taking down leaners and thin the woods. So I have a lot of "sticks", some logs (most...
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    Trees/Wood for woodworkers

    Hi, brand new to this site, more of a woodworker groupie : ). I hope I'm posting this in the right place? I have an acre right outside Raleigh and have some trees/wood that I thought someone might like. One is a diseased/spalted? maple that needs to come down, although no rush on it. It's not...

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