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    Router Plate Install 2019-04-16

    How to build a MDF router plate template
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    Rockler BOGO Sale 2019-04-16

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    Stair Tread ( 1in by 12 X 36) or 6ft, approx 48 bft.

    And the winner is.....Capital. cut to dimension, cheaper than HD, and didn't have to buy more than needed. HD only had 4ft boards, when all I needed was 3ft. Saved @ $40 or more . Thanks all.
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    Stair Tread ( 1in by 12 X 36) or 6ft, approx 48 bft.

    Thanks guys . Was hoping one of the NCWW folks would have something. Went to HD and they want more than $2 bdft, for hard pine in 4ft sections. Would be wasting 10 or more feet for overpriced wood. Good to see some familar names ! Thanks!
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    Stair Tread ( 1in by 12 X 36) or 6ft, approx 48 bft.

    Happy New Year all! Ripping up my old carpet, need stair tread ( hard pine fine, or whatever, most likely needs to be stained, to match floor). Approx 48 bft ( 1 X 12 X 36, or 72). Either where has the best deal or, submit PM or post with price avail contact info, etc..... Thanks ! Splint
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    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle,

    Hope you have celebration plans ! Congrats
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    Dish vs Cable opines

    Wow, great stuff! Thanks yall to responding! I see Im not alone in my pain and suffering :gar-La; I basically watch just two channels ( CNN and Turner Classic Movies). We are "Bundled" ph, inet, cable. Ive been yanked by the so called retention dept. I've tried everything to try to lower...
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    Dish vs Cable opines

    Anyone switch from Cable to Dish, if so, pros cons. Currently with TWC, but not happy (restrictive pricing )Thiking of switching to Dish. Any and all comments/opinions welcome Thanks
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    New Member

    Welcome Ed! Show us some pics! WE LOVE PICS! Matt
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    Bosch Colt NIB $60 Ral CL (Fay,NC)

    Unbeleivable, yours is still available (with bits, mind you). Sorry, I did not see your classified before posting this one. Someone should snap up soon!
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    So my Garage Door Breaks down

    See my thread: The guy I used is in Apex (recommended by Scott Smith). But, first, how do you know the Spring is Broke? and not just de-tensioned?
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    Congrats to Joe Scharle!

    As Mae West said: Better to be looked over, than overlooked! :) Congrats! Matt
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    Bosch Colt NIB $60 Ral CL (Fay,NC) Great lil Trim Router.
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    Guitar Shapes $10 - RAL CL These look very cool and interesting. Maybe someone can use these for something. Good Luck!
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    Delta Air Cleaner - $65 Ral CL

    Not mine: Different Config, motor alone worth price
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    A now way over due SUPER GLOAT!

    Ditto, where's the pics ? Congrats!, I think, :gar-La;
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    Garage Door Spring Re-Tensioning Help

    Garage Door Fixed! Thanks again to all who replied to this post. Early responders voted for Garage Door Co., later responses for self repair. I opted for path of least resistance (call Door Co, then watch what they did, next time do my self). As the the DIY'ers pointed out, it really isn't...
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    Garage Door Spring Re-Tensioning Help

    Thanks all, for the overwhelming votes of : "Don't try this at Home!" And, for names of Garage Folks. Now for the last obvious question: @ how much for this type of job? Thanks in advance! Matt
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    Garage Door Spring Re-Tensioning Help

    Ok, I think I get it, :rolleyes: 3 makes a trend. Now, any suggestions/recommendations on whom to use? Thanks again Matt
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    Garage Door Spring Re-Tensioning Help

    Due to either Homebuilder/ Previous Owner poor construction design, the pad that holds both the tension spring and garage door arm came apart. They used only three 3in nails to secure the wood pad to the garage. Needless to say, it didnt hold up. I've taken it apart and repaired using 4 in...

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