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    Cherry drawer boxes

    Willem, May I ask where you get your lumber and supply’s? In the cabinet business myself in Wadesboro and get mine from Rugby’s. Haven’t checked on paint grade lately been on a bunch of oak cabinets. But will tomorrow. Have a large set around corner for a 250 year old estate. Painted of course...
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    Happy Easter all
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    Picked up the free lathe

    Enjoy it. And it was an enjoyable visit. Thanks
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    Old iron

    Good afternoon Only things left is table saw. Sure hate to see it go to landfill. I know someone is interested
  5. TB2

    Need pine cheap

    Mike remind me when you call tomorrow. May can help
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    Makers Mark

    I sign and date every cabinet that leaves my shop. They may never see it but it’s there. Signed a wall in an old{200 year} house today that we are remodeling.
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    Old iron

    Mike it’s yours. Don’t think I can pm and if I could don’t know how. Give me a call tomorrow. Thanks. [phone number removed and PM'd to @Mike Davis]
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    Old iron

    And that goes for anyone. I just can’t hold for long time. Hate to see it go to landfill
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    Old iron

    Jim. When could you pick up. If you can pick up in week or so I’ll hold for ya
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    Old iron

    Good evening. A friend has some old iron he needs to get rid of. Only problem is it has to be next few days. An old lathe. An old delta table saw. Both without motors. Also an old red star radial arm saw. I had one for years and it worked great. Free for the taking but must pick up in wadesboro...
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    Dust Removal

    Didn’t used to till my wife started helping me. Went to town one day and came back thought the place was on fire.
  12. TB2

    I bought a thrift store Williams & Hussey

    When ya get tired of it let me know.
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    If'n you're interested in old iron...

    I have two that I run my stiles and rails on everyday. Better shape than those though. Still good machines
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    How I kick start a commission

    As Willem said. Simple casework. Kitchen cabinets on bottom. Do this everyday. You can make it all on one or have repeat customers. I like repeat. Might be why we 8-10 months out.
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    How I kick start a commission

    My cost would be 2500-3000. Depending on finish and customer suppling knobs,handles.
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    Alternative to Kreg brand screws?

    Rick. I think they are open 7:30-4:30. Talk to JJ at the front desk
  17. TB2

    Alternative to Kreg brand screws?

    Where do you get your lumber? Being a cabinetmaker I get mine from Rugby out of Kernersville or Wurth out of Charlotte. But I may buy 2500-5000 at a time. Not sure but Wurth may have a Raleigh post.
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    Another fascinating video

    Being a pilot and a cabinetmaker I really enjoyed this video. Thanks Martin
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    Wanted or Willing to Trade - 30in Unifence Rail or Biesemeyer Fence - Trade Complete

    After a touch with my grinder on my fence everything worked great. Thanks Jared
  20. TB2

    Wanted or Willing to Trade - 30in Unifence Rail or Biesemeyer Fence - Trade Complete

    And mine. Don’t see why they wouldn’t interchange. Bolts are in same place looks to me. But y’all ck it out and let us know. Thanks so much

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