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    Long Biesemyer rails options...cut them , buy new ones or trade?

    Hey Folks, I very recently purchased a Delta Unisaw from Rocker (Along with a few other goodies) and am in a bit of a quandry. The saw has the 52" Biesemeyer rail option and they are way too long for my shop. Ideally I would like to have 30"-36" rails on the saw. I had the 52" rails on my Jet...
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    Looking for IPE. Am I imagining posts now?

    Hey NCWWs. I remember recently reading a post about IPE being available by the bundle/container. This would come in very handy for my upcoming home project. I thought it was on this site (since this is the only WWs site I visit). Does anyone know of Ipe available by the bundle or in bulk or did...
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    Needed: part sheet of 1/4" maple ply

    Hey NCWWs, I'm checking to see if anyone has a part of a sheet of 1/4" maple ply that they could sell. I'm looking for a piece 25w x 32t. I have 1/4" one side cherry, one side maple but it didn't look right. I'm building a book case for our church organist for the organ pit. Let me know if you...
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    NCWW PE Charlotte to Raleigh, Cary, or Fuquay a success!

    Hi Folks, Just checking to see if anyone will be coming to the Raleigh area from Charlotte with space for a Rikon sander? Pickup would be in Charlotte from Pete Mohr. I can meet anywhere in the Triangle area. Thanks in advance, Ron
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    NCWW Express Charlotte to Cary or Fuquay

    Hi Folks, Just checking if anyone would have room coming from Charlotte to the Raleigh/Cary/Fuquay area for a Dewalt Planer. Let me know if anyone is travelling that route anytime in the future. Thanks, Ron
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    Another Robland X31 has landed in Fuquay

    I finally have time to update and gloat a little. I have cleared room for the saw and the renewal process has started. I have been cleaning and oiling this saw. The top surfaces had rust from sitting for 6 years but the rest of the system looked clean. Thanks Pete for posting the CL ad. I did...
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    From Contact Us Form - Photo album setup - yellofins -

    Name: yellofins Email: Subject: Photo album setup -------------------- Hi Folks, I'm having issues setting up my photo album. I used to have an album but cleared a lot of the old pictures out. Did I delete my whole album? -------------------- User Name: yellofins...
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    Multifunction machines like the Robland X31 questions....

    Hi Folks, I know a few of you have the multifunction machines from Planer Jointers to the 5 in 1 machines like the Robland (Laguna) X31. I am considering changing my garage shop to incorporate either a jointer planer or a 5 in 1. Could you let me know if you have a 5 in 1 or a jointer planer...
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    Planing figured woods?? especially Koa wood

    Hi Folks, I'm having tear out issues with the Koa wood I've been working with. I've sharpened blades on the jointer and the planer. I've tried using a 50/50 spray mixture of fabric softener and water on the wood prior to planing. No matter what I've tried I still get tear out on this highly...
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    Gifts completed with 7 days to spare!

    I am finally done with the projects I have been working on for Christmas. One is Curly Hawaiian Koa and the other is BEM. The KOA is for the LOML and the BEM os for my daughter. I only have to buff the finish and they're done. There are a few more pics of them in my gallery. Now I don't have to...
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    Finishing Hawaiian Koa wood....Any experience?

    Hi Folks, I've been working on a super secret project for secret I cannot post it here because I know that the LOML prowls around on this site and I cannot take the chance...... Have any of you worked with and finished Koa wood? I have sanded and worked with this wood and I...
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    Laptop Desk Plans...Has anyone ever built one?

    Hey Folks, I have the need to build or buy a laptop desk that can be used in bed. My 7 yo daughter broke her leg while we were at Wrightsville this past weekend. She will be in a cast from toe to 4" from the hip for 4-6 weeks. Then after that in a knee high cast for 8-10 weeks. I need to build...
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    Schreinermeister's Workshop tour in Germany

    Gruesse aus Deutchland! I've been in Germany working on a project and had a chance to take a tour of a larger workshop here in Germany. The owner is the BIL of one of my colleagues and was very willing to show off his shop. I found out that WGD is not only on the North American continent. Each...
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    How narrow is too narrow in a workshop?

    Hi Folks, A while back I posted that I'm planning to build a shop. After going through the HOA process and the town approvals I am reconsidering this undertaking. Because of setbacks and codes I am limited to 10' wide shop. After taking space out for foundation and walls my interior would be...
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    Does anyone own/use a Performax 16/32?

    I have a few questions about the Jet/Performax 16/32 sander. Does anyone own/use one of these? Would you be willing to entertain a few questions regarding the sander? I have a few questions that an owner may be able to answer. Thanks, Ron
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    Designing a new workshop...Input requested

    Hey Folks, I'm getting ready to design and build a new workshop next to my existing house. I have limitations due to living in a HOA controlled area. I find myself limited to a 14.5'x25' building. I am planning on bulding it with a front garage door and side entry single door. It will be on a...
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    Glueing Laminate

    Hi Folks, I'm getting ready to glue a Wilsonart (like Formica) laminate onto an MDF desk top. The desktop is for a child's work area. I have used 3m contact cement and Weldwood contact cement to do this in the past. What have you found works best to glue up laminate? I'm looking for an easier...
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    Is wood ever "too old" to use?

    Hi Folks, I have a general question about storing wood and how ling it is "usable". I have a coworker that has walnut in his garage (a few hundred board feet) that he has had for 15 years that he got from a neighbor that had it for 8 years. It has been air drying for 20+ years. Will the walnut...
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    Pen and Lathe tutorial from NZAPP today

    I got to spend some time at NZapp's shop and learn a bit about the lathe and pen turning. Jeff.... was there to share in the fun also. I also got my chisels sharpened and in much better shape. Thanks Nick! I pictures so it didn't happen. I will post a picture of the first pen I...
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    finished sabre display case

    Hi Folks, I wanted to post the final product I came up with. The display with the red background was the original I saw on the web. The display I made was made for a Civil War Officer's Sabre. I wanted to thank the people who helped me come up with this. I was going to build a box of walnut or...

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