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    Asheville Hardware Classes

    I know asheville hardware is a sponsor of this site but I must vent a little. I took a basic turning class in April of this year and while I was there I signed up for the bowl turning class in May. The class went well and I asked the instructor if he would be teaching the class in May. He said...
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    Need 5/4 hard maple

    I need about 20 to 25bf of 5/4 hard maple. I can get 4/4 locally. I called Steve Walls ad found out that I have to order 100bf to be shipped to get the advertised price. To get this small amount will be over $5/bf. Atone know of a source near Shelby,NC? Thanks Wilson
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    Which chuck?

    I just took a basic woodturning class last week. I am going back next month to take a bowl turning class. I want to go ahead and get a chuck for bowl turning. The instructor recommended a "Oneway or Nova". He recommend that we stay away from the Barracuda. Woodcraft currently has the SuperNova...
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    Drum sanders

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. I am wanting to purchase a drum sander. I am looking at the Woodmaster 26" model for about $2400, General single drum 24" for about $1400 and the General double drum 24" for about $2000. From what I have read I want to stay away from the opened ended models...

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