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    Exposing Ply to the Elements

    Ever use quality interior plywood, say baltic birch, for an external (meaning: full exposure to the elements) application and make it work? That's what this thread is about. I'm tasked with building a "tiny library". I can save a lot of time simply sizing a sheet of quality plywood rather than...
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    Advice: Conditioner on Veneer

    Should I use pre-stain wood conditioner (PSWC) on wood veneer prior to stain? I've repurposed a ReStore find into a quite functional, much-needed custom piece. I'm applying veneer to the flats and apron. I intend to stain the thing with a dark oil and buff it to a satin finish with wax. I'm...
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    Refreshing a Cutting Board

    yeah... ok. I'm convinced. <plaintive sigh> Time to search the back of my tool cabinet for granddad's old smoothing plane. <dolefully kicks pebble >
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    Refreshing a Cutting Board

    Correct: yer typical end-grain construction cuttin' board. Its surfaces are not in bad shape at all. I have the impression that a clean, level cut from both a shaper and planer will render a better finish.
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    Refreshing a Cutting Board

    Hiya, fellas. I've volunteered to refresh an 18 x 24 cutting block of a small artisan bakery here in Cary. I could simply sand progressive grit across each side of the thing, of course. But I believe running it thru a shaper and planer would do an all around better job, and quicker too. Problem...
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    Air Compressor -- When to Retire

    I own a 17yo Craftsman air compressor (model: 919167240). It operates perfectly. I use this thing often. Owners of this compressor are supposed to drain accumulated water from the tank after each use to prevent internal rust. Rust potentially weakens the tank walls and that creates the very...
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    Q: Knife-Edge Blades

    Buried deep in my blade cabinet I discovered a 10" 180T blade! ...guess I got the thing on sale. I'm gonna give that blade a shot, maybe with some 5mm backer under the foam-core and cardboard in hopes of lessening tear-out--though it'll probably just make things unwieldy.
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    Q: Knife-Edge Blades

    That occurred to me also. Additionally, the typical RPM of a table saw would subject a (presumably) thin knife blade to significant forces. A meat cutter, by comparison, has a lower RPM; and unlike a table saw, that RPM is operator variable. hmmph... If this old worn-out 24T blade was just...
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    Opinions: DIY Saw Blade Sharpening

    I've used Raleigh Saw to sharpen my 10 and 12 inch blades in the past. The owner is a super nice guy and incredibly proud of his shop--he gave me a comprehensive tour of his place and explained each of the myriad specialized edging machinery. Their per-tooth charge is competitive, but cumulative...
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    Q: Knife-Edge Blades

    Right. And knife blades exist for the jigsaw, of course. But I'm specifically looking for a straight-cut blade for a table saw.
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    Q: Knife-Edge Blades

    Does a 10" knife-edge blade exist? I need to size down a fair amount of foam core and cardboard accurately. As I slog about using a straight-edge and utility knife at my workbench, I sense my table saw over there sniggering at me. It occurs to me that a 10" knife edge would be splentastic for...
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    CAD Software of Choice

    Curious to garner the opinions of kindred spirits who use CAD to work out their projects before setting board to blade. Specifically, what is your preferred software and how well do you manage workflow with it. For example... I model everything I build in CAD. Doing so provides me several...
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    The upside of being unemployed

    For half-a-second I thought you painted that beautiful walnut cabinet white. same... exact... gasp...
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    Bolection-style Moulding

    Bo-LEK-shun... bolection. Bolection moulding is peculiar in that few know it by name, yet most everyone has seen it. The stuff exists in a bazillion profiles, and typically frames raised panels in furniture, cabinetry, doors, and wainscot. Its defining characteristic is a prominent round-over...

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