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    Which scroll saw?

    Sold my 18 year old DeWalt 788 about 6 months ago, then moved back from overseas, and am pondering getting a new scroll saw. The Woodcraft sale on the King 21 with stand got me looking at the new models and best options. So, I am open to ideas, but I am leaning towards the models: Pegas 21...
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    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    I am cleaning out and have some items free to the first person to come and get them. RBI Hawk scroll saw, nice, perfect condition, but I was never able fix the blade attachment. Brand new Delta Mobile base 50-325, in an unopened box for the last ten years. A Jet mortising machine, bench top...
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    Can a closed thread be reopened please

    I started a thread titled "Croquet Mallets" and wish to complete the thrad with progress and final photos. Can the thread be reopened?
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    Croquet Mallets

    My family likes croquet, but doesn't think much of the $100 set we have. We have the perfect yard for it too. I see that professional sets with higher weight mallets, tournament balls, and heavy duty coated wickets, can cost anywhere from $300 to $4000. One rosewood mallet can run $300...
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    Orientation of contractor saw on a mobile cabinet

    I moved again overseas, from Japan to Belgium, from a military base with a woodshop to one without. So, I had to purchase a table saw that could be shipped through the mail. The local items were either to cheap or to expensive. I got a nice DeWalt 7480 contractor saw from Grizzly, shipped for...
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    Sell or keep?

    Well friends, I have been pondering on whether to sell my 110V bandsaw, drill press and planer. I have been transferred from Japan to Brussels, Belgium, where I need tools that use 220V or a transformer. I am fond of my reliable equipment and am not having much luck at finding a potential...
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    Best source for stainless steel bottle stoppers?

    Seems like all of the suppliers have slightly different models. Think I prefer the stainless steel stoppers and the type with the o-rings that fit into grooves rather than the silicone sleeve, but the prices seem to vary widely amongst the suppliers. I have buying them direct from Ruth Niles...
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    Any experience on these router tables?

    In the continuing search for a router table, pre-made or plans to build one, I discovered these tables being sold in Canada. Anyone have any experience on these tables or thoughts on the value? I know I could make a better table, but time is precious, and after gathering all of the materials...
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    Grizzly 20" planer

    Not mine, but advertised on Sawmill Creek. Wished I was closer, but maybe someone here will get a good deal. FS: Gizzley 20 inch Planer, Very good condition, $600 For pickup in south central Virginia (Danville). A 1998 model Grizzley 20-inch planer 3...
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    Powermatic planer in NY, 20"

    I wish I was closer or I would be on my way to get this. 3 phase 5HP Powermatic 2002 Model 208 20" Planer Includes: Set of HSS knives and set of carbides. The Planer works fine, we just purchased a new planer with Tersa...
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    Where to get a slow speed bench grinder

    I am needing a grinder to sharpen turning tools, almost solely bowl and spindle gouges. The Woodcraft slow speed grinder has been popular, but I can't seem to find it listed on their website and I don't need a Tormek. Any ideas where to look?
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    link for wood suppliers

    Folks, I saw that a member posted the link to the woodsuppliers and map ( I used to look at this list quite a bit, but the routing to the link is not clearly posted on the website now, or at least I didn't see it in any obvious...
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    Mixing shellac

    For some reason I have trouble making a 2 lb cut mixture of shellac. The many directions say a 2lb cut is 2lbs of shellac flakes in a gallon of alcohol. So, I don't need nearly a gallon so I reduce down the recipe to 4 ounces of shellac in 16 fluid ounces of alcohol and the dewaxed flakes...
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    Knife sharpening by mail

    Years ago I bought a good set of Wusthof knives for the kitchen. They are still fairly sharp, but I notice the paring knife and the next longer one, which get used all of the time, are not as sharp as they used to be. They were razor sharp when first purchased. I looked for a sharpening place...
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    Table Saw in Northern Virginia

    This ad is posted on the Sawmill Creek website. (Not mine) Since the seller, Thomas Marr, doesn't list contact information, I guess the only way to get a hold of him is to send an email through the Sawmill Creek system. F/S, Table Saw, new and unused, VA I have...
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    Delta X5 Lathe near Annapolis--Not mine

    Seems like a good deal with some good accessories. It is not mine, but if the budget permitted, it would be. Delta X5 16" Steel Bed Lathe - $1500 (Friendship, MD) Date: 2012-07-12, 6:37PM EDT Reply to...
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    Help with Oliver 159 Lathe opportunity

    Folks, I have been looking for a lathe. Nothing big, but something for small to medium bowls and pens. I have been using a Jet Midi Lathe for years, which is with me at my overseas duty station. I have been looking to get another for my summers in states. An opportunity has come up on an...
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    Seems like I can't see any classifieds newer than 2/8/12. Thought I had entered enough of the drawings and made enough donations to be able to enter all portions of the website. Please advise, Guy
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    Benchtop Router table with Triton router

    Many of you offered great advice on router tables, router models, inserts and fences. Thank-you for all of that wonderful advice. I found your advice very helpful and current. Much of the advice available online in articles and forums was dated. So, here is what I built. 18" deep and 26"...
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    My workshop in Japan

    A couple of months ago I got some very good advice on building a router table. Many suggested that I would want to build a full size table and would regret it later if I didn't, so I thought I would post a picture of my little workshop, a shed, 8'x10', equipped with 15" bandsaw, drill press...

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