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    PT Lumber Decking Finish

    Question for all of you since it has been a while since I have finished a PT deck. One of my guys just built a new PT deck and is looking to see what the best finish is to use. I used Thompson's eons ago, but I'm not sure if there is a better product out there. The wood is very wet (just like...
  2. J

    Holly Tree Stock (Raleigh)

    Good Morning, My wife informed me yesterday that the three 30'-40' Holly trees that are on our property need to be removed to make room for her future gardening plans. The bases of the trunks are around 12" in diameter. I will be taking these trees out myself. I understand that the wood from...
  3. J

    SawStop Questions

    It has been decided that I am going to introduce a SawStop into my woodworking. There are a ton of options out there for add on components etc. I am not going to do 220 for a variety of reasons at this time. I am leaning towards the contractor series saws and am leaning towards the 36" model so...
  4. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Now that I have my storage taken care of in my shop (see previous thread from today) I am looking at adding a benchtop drill press. I do not have room for a floor press. It would be in a fairly static location, but I would like to be able to move it around if need be. I would like to get a...
  5. J

    Shop Cabinets

    So I just finished making cabinets for the shop area of my garage. This is my second attempt at making cabinets and the first attempt at frameless and built in cabinets. I wanted to take a practice run at making cabinets for the kitchen in response to my wife's not so subtle hints. I am...
  6. J

    Edge Pro Sharpening System

    Does anyone use or have any experience with the Edge Pro Apex knife sharpening system? I am considering upgrading to this system from my Lansky system, but I'm not sure that the result will be worth the price. My research shows that the Edge Pro system is superior, but I wanted to see if anyone...
  7. J

    First Attempt at Cabinets

    This is my first attempt to build a cabinet. My wife wanted one for her sewing equipment and has decided that she wants to paint it. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement. My plan is to build some more cabinets for my garage for tool storage, but I won't use Baltic Birch...
  8. J

    New Workbench

    Good Morning, I am a very new woodworker, but I decided to try to make a workbench so that I could continue to learn, as it seemed to be a logical place to start. I know that the end vise is abnormally placed, but I have a very small space and it was the only place to put it (Pictures are not...
  9. J

    New Member from Raleigh

    Good Morning, I am a new member from Raleigh. I have been fixing things throughout my life, but I got into woodworking after purchasing a new house. Once I finished all of my major projects (18 months later), I had accumulated a number of needed tools and have been slowly getting into...

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