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    Turning Classes near Asheville

    John C Campbell Folk School is set to re-open in May
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    Avocado wood

    Being an amateur sawdust maker but professional eater - how many avocados does one get off a "huge" tree?
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    For Sale Listings - Check out the Facebook page

    I am definitely not a Facebook power user --- so if I use the link under social media to access NCWW Facebook page - how can I see Marketplace just for that page (not the rest of the universe)?
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    Lazy Susan cherry and walnut

    Looks nice! Where are you getting the hardware - I am looking to make one for kitchen table, so can be light duty, but want it quiet and easy to turn.
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    Battery Powered Chainsaws

    Love Greenworks 60V - started with leaf blower then over time added chain saw, pole chain saw,, hedge trimmer, weed wacker and just got cultivator. All use same battery.
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    Bought my first Tractor

    Looks great. Have any plans for that open space?
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    Woodworking equipment auction - Red Lion Pa

    Lots of stuff - also some woodworking equipment -...
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    Woodshop Preference

    Mine is all metal (General Steel) on slab; good sized with good height as I have section for woodworking, car lift, gardening and workout and two wide sliding barn doors so easy access. I am more a sawdust maker than woodworker but I like the large open airy feeling. Concur with - more lights...
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    Hello from 27616

    where is your bandsaw?
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    POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

    Checking to see if a new date has been picked?
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    Oversized TV Tray made from walnut with inlays.

    This is why I enjoy this forum. You all give me hope. I would have put a few hex bolts through a piece of 1/8 inch plywood bolted to the commercial trays
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    POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

    Any thoughts on a new date for this class?
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    Serving tray - Maple & Bubinga

    How did you turn to make the recessed part of the tray? I am looking to make a communion tray for our church so scanning for ideas. Thanks
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    Update - How do I do this?

    Second Berry's request - pls post pictures, how you did it and what you would do different next time --- I have been trying to avoid a similar project - but being an ostrich works for only so long
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    Closing up my garage shop

    Sent PM but I would like bandsaw, sawhorses and rolling stand
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    Flatbed trailer boards need replaced

    how about metal?
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    Community THANK YOU Project - Task list added

    not a turner but would be glad to help
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    Drawing to wood

    thanks all - I just bought a bandsaw so this will be the trial run - I expect to have some new scrap fire wood.. Makes sense to me how to make a pattern. Now if I had CNC.............but
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    Drawing to wood

    I have a drawing/plan for a deck chair (2 or 3 of same design) I plan to make. My thought is to put pattern onto thin cardboard and then trace onto the wood prior to cutting. Is there an easier process? TIA
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    Two new turnings

    where is your channel?

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