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    Wide Blade Attachment for WS3000

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a wide blade/honing guide table for a WS 3000? The company discontinued them a while back. I've tried some hacks using the tool rest but all it leaves me is a skew blade, which is not the desired outcome. Thanks in advance.
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    DeWalt 735 Planer ($350) - Rock Hill, SC

    Not mine, almost seems too good to be true.
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    Commissioned Help '

    To all my turners in and around Charlotte. I’m looking for someone to help me turn a pedestal for a kitchen table. There are several options online but I need one made of white oak. I don’t own a lathe, especially one that is capable of turning something this large, which is approximately 23”...
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    Industrial lathe required?

    I hope this consortium of like minded individuals can help me with something. What are some methods to recreate a pedestal like the one in the picture? I’m a hobbyist who doesn’t have a lathe, and even if I did, I doubt it would be one large enough to turn something that appears to be 24”, or...
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    "Best" router type for table

    I am planning to use a 2 1/4 HP Milwaukee router in a new table build but I'm wondering if I should drop back and punt to a 3 HP. Does anyone else have learned experience with this? is there a remarkable difference in the 2, if so, in what specifically? material? stock? bit type? etc. Thank...
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    ISO/WTB 14" Bandsaw

    Only requirement is that it must be 110v. Outside of that, ideally >= 1 1/2 HP, and decent size iron table. Not a brand loyalist here, but Laguna, Grizzly, and Rikon appear to have the best reviews online, and JET does not. Obviously reviews are highly subjective and by nature skew pretty hard...

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