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  1. Michael Mathews

    Recommendations for decent screws

    I've had pretty good luck with Spax. They're also self drilling and self tapping. But I usually still drill a starter hole. I've got an assortment here Jeff if you'd like to try a couple.
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  4. Michael Mathews

    Walnut bowl finished

    Thanks for the kind comments everybody! I do really like this one. This one will be packaged up this week and shipped off to surprise my Mom for Mother's Day! I think she'll like it :):)
  5. Michael Mathews

    Walnut bowl finished

    Here's a walnut bowl I finished up yesterday. The long diameter is 11", the short diameter is 8", and it's 6-1/2" tall. The bottom detail was done with a Sabertooth 1" sphere fine grit (yellow) in a Foredom SR series flex shaft power carver. Comments and questions welcome...
  6. Walnut Bowl April, 2021

    Walnut Bowl April, 2021

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    Detail done with a Sabertooth 1" fine grit (yellow) burr
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    overall dimensions are 11" on the long dia., 8" on the short dia. by 6-1/2" tall
  14. Michael Mathews

    Need wood-carved sign made

    Bill, do you know where to read PM messages? In the upper right corner there should be an envelope with a number on it. Click on it to open PM messages!
  15. Michael Mathews

    Need wood-carved sign made

    PM sent....
  16. Michael Mathews

    Need wood-carved sign made

    Bill, where are you located? That will help those that can take care of this for you jump in. I may be able to do this for you, depending on what you want. Do you have a file you can share of the layout... or design? Oh, I'm in Chapel Hill BTW...
  17. Michael Mathews

    1st Bandsaw box - blade advice

    The other point you have to consider is your 1/4" blade will only turn a minimum diameter radius. You won't be able to turn any tighter. If that is your smallest blade, then design to that blade.
  18. Michael Mathews

    Happy Birthday Danmart77

    Happy Birthday Dan! Hope it was a great one!
  19. Michael Mathews

    Digital calipers that are not crap?

    I grew up in a machine shop so I learned how to read dial calipers and vernier calipers at a young age. It's really helped me out throughout my career. So now I prefer to use dial calipers in the wood shop due to the fact that the batteries are never dead :cool::cool::cool:. Simple math is all...

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