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  1. Wiley's Woodworks

    WTB--Wide Spalted Lumber

    I've been commissioned to build a book shelf to match an existing piece. The shelves are spalted poplar. First choice for wood is spalted poplar or spalted maple. Ambrosia maple will work if figure is good. Rough cut dimensions are 5/4 T x 14" W x 10' L. Thanks.
  2. Wiley's Woodworks

    WTB--Wide Spalted Lumber

    I've been commissioned to build a book case to match an existing one. It's made of spalted poplar. The rough boards are 4/4 or 5/4T x 14"W x 10'L. My first choices are either spalted poplar or spalted maple. Ambrosia maple will work if it's got good figure. I live west of Asheville, so...
  3. Wiley's Woodworks

    Inexpensive picture frame

    Nice, smart work...looks good. I don't know if the finish will hold up, but clamp dents frequently can be steamed out. Wet the dent, lay a wet rag on top of the dent, and iron the rag dry with an ordinary laundry iron set on high. The moisture penetrates the wood and swells under heat...
  4. Wiley's Woodworks

    Leaf blower not working right

    I back up Mike on the Mechanic in a Bottle. It's amazing stuff; I just forgot about it. Available at HD.
  5. Wiley's Woodworks

    Leaf blower not working right

    Your description of problem points to an air inflow issue. At half throttle it runs ok, i.e. air/fuel mixture works. At full throttle it floods out, i.e. not enough air gets sucked in. Changing the air filter should have helped, but it didn't. Test run it with no air filter. Is there an...
  6. Wiley's Woodworks

    Table Saw mobile base with more clearance?

    My first concern is the width of the wheels. The saw is so heavy it's going to press ordinary wheels so deeply into the gravel you will really struggle with getting the saw up over the edge of the concrete pads. If you find some wide wheels on lockable casters, just build your own base. Large...
  7. Wiley's Woodworks

    Any reason this would not work?

    TGH is on the right track. The biggest potential problem I see is whether the motor will be powerful enough to spin your wood through some heavy handed chiseling. If it's not right out of the box, when you build the base and motor mount build in a 2:1 drive train reduction. If the motor is...
  8. Wiley's Woodworks

    For Sale: Powermatic 66---$1200 (SOLD?) CL Ad deleted)

    Found this in Asheville CL. Sorry, I can't figure out how to copy and paste exact ad page. Go to CL, click tools, search for Powermatic 66. This older model is one of the best table saws you can buy short of a $3500 Saw Stop. You will be so impressed with how the 5hp motor cuts thicker...
  9. Wiley's Woodworks

    Roll top desk repair..... need help

    Work up from the same wood a new board identical to the too short slats. Cut off 1/4" thick slices; 2x the number of slats. This may require hand cutting on a miter box using a sharp saw. Glue on the new end caps and pin nail for support. A gluing hack: because you're gluing end grain to...
  10. Wiley's Woodworks

    My OCD has Gotten to a Whole New Plane

    Good grief! That looks like my wife's shoe rack. I've lost every discussion on that regarding how many is too much, so I guess you're within reasonable boundaries. Oh yeah, congratulations on your collection.
  11. Wiley's Woodworks

    Steel building

    Willem--If you're expanding your business it suggests you turned down that big $ job back East. I'm glad you're staying here and continuing your woodworking. You are a valued member of NCWW.
  12. Wiley's Woodworks

    Apple Country Woodcrafters

    Have your sister at least look into the Haywood Community College Master Crafts-Wood program. I just graduated with the two year degree, but there is a lesser program available. Important warning up front: this is a serious commitment to get the most out of what you put into it. PM me if she...
  13. Wiley's Woodworks

    Contractor vs. Cabinet vs. Hybrid Saw

    I'm going to make some points I consider absolutes: There are only two reasons to get less than a high HP cabinet saw: your budget (which you imply is an issue), and your table saw must be movable around your shop. In general a cabinet base TS can be put on wheels, but I don't recommend it...
  14. Wiley's Woodworks

    Surfacing Strips For Bent Lamination

    I'm getting ready to cut 10 3.5" wide white oak strips for a glue-up lamination. They will make curved legs for a wall shelf box. My ?: Do I need to surface sand the laminations or can I go straight to glue-up after resawing the strips on my band saw. I get reasonably clean surfaces with the...
  15. Wiley's Woodworks

    Cloudy Finish over Inlay

    When you "sanded it down smooth", what was the final grit of sandpaper you used? Seems to me turquoise, being a stone rather than a wood, would need to be polished rather than smoothed. Maybe going over everything with progressive grits of sandpaper until you get up to 800 or 1000 would put a...
  16. Wiley's Woodworks

    Tormek Sharpening System - $275 (Etowah) GONE

    Thanks to everyone. I got enough information to not pursue it;.
  17. Wiley's Woodworks

    Tormek Sharpening System - $275 (Etowah) GONE

    It is listed as a Supergrind 2000 system. A quick search on the internet did not turn up anything on this model. I suspect it is either an older/no longer made model or a lower grade than the T-4 and T-8 systems that are currently available. If it is a discontinued model that will make getting...
  18. Wiley's Woodworks

    Shooting board plane

    Hey Hank--I followed your injury saga, just couldn't bring myself to look at the pictures. God speed your healing and recovery. You'll probably think of this later, but good luck getting angle iron that is ready-to-use 90 degrees square like a milled Veritas plane, and that perfect 90 is the...
  19. Wiley's Woodworks

    Dust Collection Duct Layout Advice Needed

    After two years in a shared shop at Haywood Community College, I will vouch that there is no likelihood in regards to which machines are likely to be used simultaneously. Each woodworker is working on his own project and schedule, so there is no connection between projects. Lay out your...
  20. Wiley's Woodworks

    Well that makes sense

    Rockler makes casters with red polyurethane wheels. The larger the wheel diameter the higher the weight rating. 5" wheels are rated at 600#. Also, check Grainger and see what's in their catalog. BTW the larger the diameter the easier the load rolls around your shop and over bumps and thresholds.

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