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  1. woodworker2000

    Shop Lighting - Free (Used but Working) 4-foot T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs @ St. Thomas More Academy in Ch

    From Raleigh CL. Ad copied below. Link here: They replaced all of their fluorescent bulbs with LED. Not mine. Can't beat the price. Fluorescent T-8 tubes 4 feet long. (Chapel Hill)Good quality fluorescent bulbs. T-8, 32 watt, mostly...
  2. woodworker2000

    5.5 Gallon California Air Tools Compressor $115 @ Wal-Mart with Free In-store Pickup

    Wal-Mart has the California Air Tools 5510 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 1.0 Hp, 5.5 Gal. Steel Tank Air Compressor on sale for $120 less $4.64 when you choose in-store pickup. The oil-free California Air Tool compressors are supposed to be very quiet. Not sure how long this sale will last. Here's...
  3. woodworker2000

    AVAILABLE AGAIN - Fine Homebuilding Magazine - $9.99/year (up to 2 years) @ DiscountMags w/code

    UPDATE 02/02/2017 - $9.99/year (up to 2 years) deal is available again with new code: 32283 Fine Homebuilding Magazine is currently available at for $9.99 per year with code. You can subscribe for up to 2 years at this price. New subscriptions or renewals...
  4. woodworker2000

    HTC Portamate PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack at Lowe's $19.99

    Came across this HTC Portamate PBR-001 wood storage rack at Lowe's for $19.99 and thought I would post it here in case anyone is interested...
  5. woodworker2000

    Designing a Boathouse - Want to Hire a Draftsman - AutoCad/SketchUP Help

    I am looking to hire a draftsman to work with to draw up some design plans for a boathouse. I don't need structural/stamped blueprints but instead just need something with sufficient detail for me to understand the design, show my wife (very important as she is a "visual" person) and...
  6. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - FREE 30 sheets 4'x8' 18mm MDF - Sanford, NC

    Came across this in Raleigh CL and thought someone might be interested (not mine): Link to CL ad: FREE 8ft x 4ft MDF boards 18mm - 1 TON ~30pcs (Sanford) Due to recent...
  7. woodworker2000

    Woodworking (and related) Magazine Subscriptions on Sale @ Discount Mags

    A few titles people may be interested in: Woodworker's Journal - 2 years: $15.76 Woodcraft Magazine - 2 years: $15.61 Log Home Living - 2 years: $9.48 Timber Home Living - 2 years: $9.56 For these and others, follow the link. I'm not sure how long the sale lasts. Link...
  8. woodworker2000

    Free Jet Shop Filtration Unit - Not Working - On Raleigh CL (in Bunn)

    Saw this on Raleigh CL. Thought someone might be interested. Not mine. Ad below. Link here: FREE WORKSHOP AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM, JET GOLD SERIES (BUNN)...
  9. woodworker2000

    Free 55-Gallon Fiber barrels - Raleigh CL (Barrels in Hillsborough)

    Saw this on Raleigh CL. Not mine. CL link: 55 Gallon Barrels (Hillsborough) We have about 15-20 compressed fiber 55-gallon...
  10. woodworker2000

    Where Can I Find Thin Beadboard Paneling or Planks - MDF (prefer) or Pine

    I am looking for 4'x8' beadboard paneling or 8' long planks for a wainscoting project. It will be painted and not in a moisture-prone area so MDF would work if it is available. I think I would prefer MDF because of its surface. It will be installed over existing drywall so I am thinking the...
  11. woodworker2000

    I-BOX Joint Jig on Sale @ Amazon for $126 - VERY LIMITED TIME

    Amazon has the I-BOX Joint Jig on a lightning deal sale for $126 shipped. This is for a very limited time only today (12/20/13). Here is the link...
  12. woodworker2000

    Free 8" Ductwork

    I have some 8" ductwork that I will not be using. This is heavy gauge piping. It is used so the pieces may have rivet holes in the ends, tape and/or silicone. I would prefer someone take everything at once. Let me know if you want it. I am located in NE Raleigh just across Capital Blvd from...
  13. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Free 10 gallon air tank (not mine) in Apex

    Saw this on CL and thought someone may be able to use it: [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-07-29, 3:27PM EDT Free - 10 Gal...
  14. woodworker2000

    Pipe Joint Template Online Calculator

    I came across this online pipe joint template calculator and thought it was interesting: You can use this calculator and print the template onto a sheet of paper to make your own dust collection joints.
  15. woodworker2000

    Used Compressor Purchase - Few Things to Replace and a Few Questions (lot of pics)

    I just picked this compressor up off of CL and have a few questions. It is a CH 60-gallon, single stage compressor with a 5hp motor. The seller listed it as running but when we tested it, it wouldn't pressurize the tank above 40psi and then quit running after a while. We couldn't get it...
  16. woodworker2000

    Anyone want my old water heater or parts from it?

    I am replacing my water heater with a tankless unit and was wondering if anyone had any need for the old water heater or parts from it before it ends up in the dump. It is a Rheem Fury 50-gallon direct vent water heater. There is a leak somewhere in it (is currently leaking about 5 gallons/24...
  17. woodworker2000

    Free Box of Veneer (Not Mine)

    Found this on another site and thought someone might be interested. Is this being offered by someone here? I searched posts and didn't see anything. Hope someone can use this.
  18. woodworker2000

    Scheppach CS 55 Plunge Saw with Two 25" Rails and Connector $125 shipped - Good Deal?

    I know some of you have been talking about this track saw recently so when I saw this, I thought I would pass it on (I already have the EZ Smart tracksaw setup which I like). Woot! has the Scheppach CS 55 6 1/4-inch plunge saw with 2 25" rails and for $120 plus $5 shipping. You can order as...
  19. woodworker2000

    First bowl attempt - what is a good wood to try for a beginner/student turner?

    My 7th grade son is taking an Industrial Arts class at school and wants to try to turn his first bowl. I'm not expecting it to be anything spectacular but what is a good wood for him to try for his first effort? We want to try to pick something up this weekend and glue it up for him to take to...

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