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  1. flatheadfisher

    Lignomat K100 Wood Pin Moisture Meter - $200 (Lexington)

    Not mine. I just saw it on CL... Lignomat K100 Wood Pin Moisture Meter - $200 (Lexington) Date: 2010-08-15, 5:29PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a BRAND NEW, never used Lignomat K100 moisture meter. Ideal for wood floor installers...
  2. flatheadfisher

    Surry County Sawyer

    My dad has a large white oak on his property that he is going to have cut down. I haven't measured the circumference but I couldn't reach all the way around it and I am 6'1". It is a "yard tree" but I am 90% sure it has no metal in it - he always told my brother and me not to put nails in...
  3. flatheadfisher

    Wood Score - Want Some?

    I saw an add on Craig's List for a 4" belt sander. I have one but for some reason, the drive belt keeps breaking. So, I thought I'd check out the sander. Well, the guy was a woodworker and moving out of the country. I bought several boards from him - thinking I would use it to make cutting...
  4. flatheadfisher

    Woodworking Shop Sell Out

    I found some ads on Craig's List from a guy that was selling out his workshop because he is moving out of the country. I bought a sander and some nice pieces of wood from him. He had lots of cool stuff I didn't need like Dewalt planer, scroll saw, a drill press, table saw, tool box, hand...
  5. flatheadfisher

    Good Deals - Winston-Salem CL

    Not mine. Dewalt 735 - Dust Collector - There are more from the same person but the above two looked like the best deals.
  6. flatheadfisher

    Festoooooooolllllll Deal on CL Not mine...
  7. flatheadfisher

    A Good Ten Days

    I hit a rock with my riding mower - an old Murray I bought used. I broke a part on the mowing deck. The yard needed mowing so my wife bought me this: Yesterday, I was working on some cutting boards to donate to a charity and my sander died. Today, my wife brought me this: That...
  8. flatheadfisher

    I Love My Saw

    I haven't made anything "fine" using my new G0690 yet. However I spent the day working on a chicken tractor. I wanted to use up as much scrap and reclaimed wood as possible. I was able to rip several 2" x 6" x 14' boards in seconds. My old saw was so unstable that I wouldn't have tried it...
  9. flatheadfisher

    Really Old Wood
  10. flatheadfisher

    Table Saw Woes Finally Ended

    It almost didn't happen today. I went to pick up the saw at the freight depot instead of having it delivered. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to move it off of the truck and I didn't want to pay 235 bucks for a lift gate. When I was pulling up to get the saw at the dock, I saw a box fall...
  11. flatheadfisher

    HAND PLANES: Top of the line! (Madison, NC) HAND PLANES: Top of the line! (Madison, NC) Date: 2010-01-27, 12:55PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Lie Nielsen low angle smoothing plane- $200 Excellent Condition Lie Nielsen...
  12. flatheadfisher

    Wall's Tomorrow?

    I am trying to get motivated to get up and go to Wall's Lumber tomorrow. If you live near Winston-Salem and would like to ride out there with me, let me know. You can send me an email at $$ - just delete the "$" at the ends. It will go to my iphone & I will get it immediately.
  13. flatheadfisher

    Table Saw - Decided Once, Decided Twice, Disgusted Too The Point of Insanity

    I have only used one table saw in my life - the one I bought 16 months ago when I started making stuff out of wood more seriously. I bought the Ridgid TS2400 which is an excellent saw. But, I am ready to upgrade to a more solid platform. I have read reviews until I can't think straight. I...
  14. flatheadfisher

    Little Box

    I had a little piece of really pretty maple left over from another project. I decided to try making a small box today for a duck call that a friend made for me. It turned out very good except for the stupid little brass screw that twisted off when I was installing the hinge. I even put wax on...
  15. flatheadfisher

    Another Box from Old Wood

    Here is the second box I have made from the wood out of my grandpa's house. This one is all pine except the longer keys are poplar and the bottom is very wormy chestnut. I liked the knots. I wish the knot on top hadn't been at the end of the board. Buy, I had to work with what I had. I am...
  16. flatheadfisher

    Today's Work

    I made a second box today. It took me way longer than it should have. I made so many test cuts - the wood was priceless - it came from my grandpa's house that was build in the early 1900's. The sides and bottom are some sort of heart pine - I suspect hemlock but I am not sure. He worked in a...
  17. flatheadfisher

    First Box

    Box-making is something that I have wanted to learn to do well. I made my first attempt at a "nice" box recently. I spent hours making jigs and an hour or two on the box. I figured there would be plenty of learning opportunities and I was right! Overall, I am pleased with my first attempt -...
  18. flatheadfisher

    Router Signs Requested

    Not me but someone might be interested in this.
  19. flatheadfisher

    What I've Been Up To

    I haven't posted any pictures in a long time so I thought I'd catch up. The last time I posted, I had bought a new router table on Craig's List. I never posted some pics so here they are: I am learning how to use the router table. I really like the ability to change the plane...
  20. flatheadfisher

    Found a Local Source for Wood

    I needed a piece of 8/4 walnut today for some cutting boards. I didn't want to make the long drive to Wall's for one piece of walnut. I went to Klingspore's and they didn't have any 8/4 walnut. I did pick up some sandpaper I needed. I drive down highway 67 every day. I remembered seeing a...

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