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  1. adowden

    Need help getting vanity to Macon, GA

    I listed a Barbie Island Princess Vanity on Craigslist yesterday. This morning a person called from Macon, GA interested in purchasing it. It is fully assembled and shipping would be too difficult. I was wondering if anyone was planning a trip near Macon, GA and would be willing to bring it to...
  2. adowden

    Craftsman 15" 1/2 HP Drill Press in Hickory NC (1 left) $291.88

    I was looking through Sears tool clearance and found this. It is a 15" Craftsman Floorstanding Drill Press (22900) for $291.88 at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC. It is regularly priced at 449.99. If you buy online and use code JULY20 you get an additional $20 off $200 purchase (I think). The...
  3. adowden

    Train Bed - Just completed

    This is a train bed that I made for my best friend in High School's son. It took about 60 hours to build and finish. It was a fun project to design and build. Here is the SketchUp file I designed. Here is the front view of the finished bed. Here is the side view of the bed. I used my...
  4. adowden

    Kreg Deck Jig and Accessories on clearance at Lowes HI

    I was in Lowes HI in Chapel Hill today and noticed the Kreg Deck Jig kit on clearance for $39.99. That is a pretty good deal. The big box of screws are $45 (not a great deal) and the bits are also on clearance. Amy
  5. adowden

    Rustic Cedar Bench - Finished!

    This was a neat project. A dead cedar tree fell in my neighbor's yard this spring. The wife called me up and told me that if her husband offered the tree to me, for me to accept it and make him a bench for his birthday as a surprise. He called and offered me the tree, so I accepted and picked it...
  6. adowden

    Google SketchUp for Woodworking talk tomorrow in Raleigh

    I just wanted to invite everyone to a basic presentation on using Google SketchUp for woodworking tomorrow night at the Triangle Woodworker Association meeting at Klingspor in Raleigh at 7 pm. I want to keep this presentation very basic, so there won't be any dovetailed chests, but it will be...
  7. adowden

    Finishing cedar outdoor bench

    I am making a rustic eastern red cedar half log style bench for my neighbor. She doesn't want the natural look, so I am trying Marine spar varnish. The bench is a half log for the seat and a half log for the back. The cut surfaces have been sanded to 180. Can I only finish the cut surfaces to...
  8. adowden

    Looking for 2 x 12 x 4' sitka spruce

    I am making some thick speaker baffles and need sitka spruce that is essentially 6/4 or 8/4 and at least 4' long. I have called around and can't find anything around here. Does anyone know where I can get or order some? Thanks, Amy
  9. adowden

    Worksharp 2000 wheels $7.14

    I just bought a WorkSharp 2000 and wanted some extra wheels. I found this deal online. Here is the website: You can get a WS 2000 slotted wheel for $7.14 each. I bought three and with shipping it came out to $31.90. That is not much more money...
  10. adowden

    $10 off $25 coupon code Woodcraft

    Here is a coupon code for $10 off a $25 purchase online: 12240. The key is that the purchase cannot be a special or on clearance. You can buy some specials or clearance items, but you must purchase $25 of regularly priced merchandise to get the coupon code applied. Today (11/29) they are also...
  11. adowden

    QS leg question

    I want to make a Arts and Crafts end table with quartersawn legs. I would like the legs to have quartersawn figure on all four sides. The method I want to use is gluing up two or three QS oak boards with QS figure on their width and then gluing thin (1/4") QS oak over the visible edges on both...
  12. adowden

    Cherry buffet - finally finished!!!

    I finally finished the cherry buffet after more than 350 hrs. Here is a picture of the final piece: The top was some beautiful figured cherry: This design was based on a Garrett Hack huntboard in Fine Woodworking...
  13. adowden

    Free blade lock at Paynes in Durham

    I was at Paynes in Durham on Hwy 55 today and they have a CMT blade locking tool for free (plastic thing to stop blade from moving while tightening and loosening. It is stacked right between the registers in front of the glass case. They have a sign in front of them that says "Free". It also...
  14. adowden

    Wedged tenon question

    I need to attach a couple of through tenons with double wedges for the cherry buffet I am building. I have never done wedged tenons before. When I researched it, it appears there are two different ways to do it: 1) angle the mortise to allow for the expansion caused as the wedges are hammered in...
  15. adowden

    Cherry buffet - WIP

    I have been meaning to post for a while now, but I am working on this so much that I haven't had time. This is modeled after a Garrett Hack designed huntboard he made in 2006. I did change the sides quite a bit. There is going to be african blackwood beading attached to the rails and stiles on...
  16. adowden

    Raleigh lunch bunch Tuesday 10/6 at 12:30pm

    I am going to meet Gary on Tuesday to pick up the Anchorseal and we discussed going to lunch at ROH Chinese Buffet at New Bern Avenue and 440. We planned on meeting there around 12:30 pm. I wanted to invite any ncwoodworkers that want to come and join us. Here is a link to the restaurant address...
  17. adowden

    Wixey sale - Digital Table Fence $44.95

    I have never ordered from this company, but what a deal! They also have Wixey planer readout for $29.99 - just click on bargin bin.
  18. adowden

    What is this hand tool?

    I was unpacking a box of wooden planes from my FIL and found these with the planes. Can anyone tell me what this tool is called? The cutter is the metal on the top and there is a recess underneath for the shavings. These tools are stamped D. Colton Callowhill St and Fourth St Phila...
  19. adowden

    Coupon code for Woodcraft - 63009 $10 off

    I just ordered from Woodcraft online and tried the coupon code in the latest mailing (63009) for $10 off a $20 or more purchase and it worked! Yippee! At least it paid for most of the shipping. The expiration date is 6/28/09. Happy shopping! Amy
  20. adowden

    Foyer Cabinet - Finally finished!!!

    I finally finished and installed the foyer cabinet that took me way too long. I made it out of red oak plywood and solid red oak. The customer wanted to hide a doorbell and a thermostat. I finished it with Minwax Red Chestnut stain and satin wipe-on poly. As you can see from the picture I...

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