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    Modern Lounge Chair

    @gamiller3rd - I can appreciate that sentiment. I’m learning more about the importance of subtle angles and dimensions in chair making that tend to be less important in other furniture making.
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    Modern Lounge Chair

    @Henry W - the domino figured heavily into the build for me. One variation I made from the original plans was to lap the legs and chair sides instead of using dominos. I added small dowels for design more than strength, as there’s a whole lot of face grain contact there. As @Jeff mentioned...
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    Modern Lounge Chair

    A few more shots of the finished peice. Apologies for formatting, I’m on mobile and I’m new here!
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    Modern Lounge Chair

    This was a wedding gift for a friend of mine. Based of the Shaun Boyd “Glenn” design. Walnut and elbow grease. Finished with Rubio monocoat.
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    "Refinish" for Outside Table

    My 2 cents - any wood outdoors will weather. UV is unstoppable. Many options for finishes, but they will all have to be redone at some interval (usually 1-2 years). As an option, have you considered leaving them as is? “Outdoor” woods (teak, ipe, cedar, cypress, etc) are going to last a very...
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    From Colorado to Asheville

    @Jeff - I was in the Army for a number of years, and then medical school. I moved to Asheville to train and work as a physician. Chose the location for many, many reasons (and there are quite a few other locations in NC we were considering as well). Not new to woodworking (though I proudly...
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    From Colorado to Asheville

    Thanks for the welcome. The Rockies are beautiful, but not as accessible as the Appalachians. And because those are the ones I grew up spending summers exploring, they’ll always feel familiar to me. Look forward to checking out the WNCWA meetings!
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    From Colorado to Asheville

    Grew up in Atlanta, then college in NC. After almost a decade in Colorado, I’m moving to Asheville in a few weeks. I’m a hobby furniture maker, and hope to get my shop up and running by the end of the year. Graham
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    Who I am.

    Coincidental user name! I’m actually moving TO Asheville in a few weeks (coming from Colorado). Went to college in Durham, and love the triangle area - agree with you about the intense summer heat...
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    Filling large knot holes and voids

    For big voids, I like to use Rangate Knot Filler. It’s just so much quicker than epoxy. Quite a few color options to choose from - I stocked up on black. The product looks like a beefy hot glue stick (I use a cheap full sized hot glue gun instead of the gun they sell). Shoot it into the void...

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