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    FS: Delta Unisaw or Contractor Saw Wings

    I have a pair of 1967 Unisaw wings that I no longer need. I used them to great effect on my delta contractor saw (the extra weight was a big help), but I recently sold it and the buyer wanted the stamped steel wings for a lower price. Asking $200 which is basically what I paid for them awhile...
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    FS: Delta Contractor Table Saw - sold

    USA made Delta 34-444 from the early 90s. It has quite a few very useful upgrades including cast iron wings (from a unisaw), an upgraded fence, upgrades pulleys, Contract Saw PALS, a leecraft plate with splitters, and upgraded switch. Full Stats below the pictures. I also have the old stamped...
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    Facial Hair and Respirators

    This was a nice chart I found in an article about coronavirus. It was also entertaining to see all of the names for different styles!
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    Wanted: Instructions for a Delta 50-389 (extension wings for the Delta 31-250 drum sander)

    I purchased the extension wings (Delta 50-389) for my Delta 31-250 18-36 drum sander off of eBay and while it was listed as new in box, it did not have the instructions. If anyone has the instructions I would be happy to pay a reasonable price for them or would love to borrow them for a few...
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    Wanted - 1.5 HP Motor for Delta 8in Jointer Restoration - Found

    I was able to grab an 8in Delta jointer to restore, but unfortunately (for me) it came with a 3 Phase motor. I was wondering if anyone had a 1.5 HP 1PH 1725RPM motor (the ideal would be TEFC and with manual protector) that they would be willing to sell or trade? The motor that came with it is...
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    Anyone in the Triangle Able to Help Pick up a Large Tool? - All Set

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I need to pick up a largish tool about an hour south of Durham on Thursday (10th) or Friday (11th) and bring it back to my home in Durham. I can rent a u-haul van, but would love to pay someone on the forum instead if they have the time and a truck...
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    Wanted or Willing to Trade - 30in Unifence Rail or Biesemeyer Fence - Trade Complete

    I am restoring an old Unisaw and it came with a 52in Unifence with extension table and legs. It is a bit too big for the space I have. I would love to trade the 52in rail with someone with a 30in rail that wants to upgrade to a longer fence. I also would be open to trading the entire Unifence...
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    Still a "New Member" After 5 years and 11 posts?

    Hi Everyone, I joined the forum in 2014 and read posts from time to time. I posted once in the past and also posted a wanted ad about a year or so ago. On the new forum I am listed as a "New member" and I read that I needed to post 5 messages to become a normal member. The new rule has turned...
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    What is the removable panel on the back of my Unisaw for?

    I am restoring a 34-350 Delta Unisaw and I noticed a panel on the back of the Unisaw in the stand connected with 2 screws. (On the parts list, it is called a plate with a part # of 1087070) Does anyone know what this panel is for? Since this model does not have a plate between the base and the...

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