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  1. KenOfCary

    2021 Raffle Prizes - Master List

    I just put the first 6 tickets in the drum. And we're off to another great raffle.
  2. KenOfCary

    Wanted to buy - Ebony

    Not sure if you could use it, but I have a bunch of scraps that are maybe 10-12" long but only about 1/4" square. I'd mail them to you if you want them. They are scraps that I was given for helping out a guy that makes guitars. No charge, just PM me an address to send them to. I doubt I'll...
  3. KenOfCary

    Anyone know a good furniture touch up person?

    That almost looks like plastic rather than wood to me. With the uneven chipping on the bottom right. I could very well be wrong though. It's a very bad gouge at any rate, right into the underlying insulation. As Richard mentioned, it will be hard to seamlessly repair. PS. Glad to see you...
  4. KenOfCary

    NCWW Status'

    That might have something to do with the number of likes, but I'm just guessing. I am also listed as a Staff Member and Board Member in my avatar detail.
  5. KenOfCary


    Yes, Bobby has one of the nicer and more spacious shops around. I got the idea of using the flooring he uses after spending a day in a carving class at his shop and noticing my feet and knees weren't sore. He used to be very active on this site, but has since had other things get in the way...
  6. KenOfCary

    How is it that I am a "New User"

    It is usually because you haven't been on in a while and had gone to inactive status. Now that you're back the New will disappear after the evening update and you'll be back to a regular User.
  7. KenOfCary

    Spoon carving class near GSO?

    Check with Mike Davis here on the site. He is an experienced spoon carver and teacher. He lives nearby in Walnut Cove. Highly recommended.
  8. KenOfCary

    Post not showing in "new posts"

    I find that whatever I just posted doesn't show up under the default 'Forums' heading but if you click on 'What's new' it shows up there until I've read it myself.
  9. KenOfCary

    Added lighting...

    I got 9 fluorescent fixtures from Phil and wired them so the inside bulb is on a separate circuit from the two outside bulbs. Also took out the ballasts and replaced with LED bulbs. When just walking through the shop I turn on the middle bulb. When working all can be turned on and it is super...
  10. KenOfCary

    Template Tip

    I always used spackling in the tiny tubs from Lowes.
  11. KenOfCary

    Call out highlighting top notch support

    Lee Valley also has top-notch CS. I had a part missing in shipment and they sent the replacement right away. Not their problem, but they made it right. The UPS driver found the part in his truck a few days later. Some others have required I return an item at my expense before considering a...
  12. KenOfCary

    Hydraulic Tables

    I've used mine many times to lower something from or raise something up to the truck bed when moving various pieces of heavy equipment. If I remember correctly HF has two models - one is not very good but the more expensive one is built very well.
  13. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Nominations

    all good - keep up the nominations. The members will vote on who best represents out values.
  14. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Nominations

    Once again it is time to nominate members for the Golden Mallet award. This shall be presented to the member that we choose to be the best representative of the spirit of NCWW, the friendliest and most helpful site on the internet. Nominations should be posted to this thread (current board...
  15. KenOfCary

    Wife wants...

    What kind of roof are you planning? Sounds like a very interesting project.
  16. KenOfCary

    Online auction - Copper Hill, VA - about 14 miles from me

    Lots of farm equipment, hand tools, some lumber scraps. Lots of vintage hand tools, wrenches, nuts, bolts, etc. A real treasure trove of stuff if you have the time to sort through it. Let me know if you want me to go pick up your winnings and mail them at cost - unless its a farm tractor -...
  17. KenOfCary

    Amazon Donation to NCWW

    It looks like out Smile bonus has gone from around $100/quarter to over $200. Great work folks.
  18. KenOfCary

    Ever a “duh” moment

    Do one of you have a link for Amazon or otherwise on where to purchase one?
  19. KenOfCary

    Nova chucks

    I like the Nova Chucks - unlike others if you later decide you want a larger chuck, all of the jaws that you already have will work in all of the Nova Chucks. With other brands a new chuck means new jaws as well.
  20. KenOfCary

    Call for nominations - BoD in Corporate Members forum

    We have posted a call for nominations in the Corporate Members forum. It is there since only Corporate Members can run and vote in the election. This is a heads up that if you wish to participate please consider joining as a Corporate Member. It is a simple opt-in checkmark in your profile -...

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