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  1. CommGuy107

    Help with Router Fence

    I have a simple Porter Cable Benchtop Router Table (698). Suits my needs most of the time, but I'd like something more stable and precise than its 2-piece fence and vacuum port. Can someone recommend a good aftermarket fence for a 20" (ish) table?
  2. CommGuy107

    Miters, Accuracy and Indulgence

    After a good bit of research, collecting of opinions, and shopping the best deals, I settled on a miter guide for my table saw: The Osborne EB-3. A little spendy on the utility tool side, but it appears to be worth the accuracy for my needs. Of course, no sooner did I order the Osborne...
  3. CommGuy107

    Slippery Slope...nah!

    To whomever referred to Pen Making as a "slippery slope" - you're wrong! I can quit anytime I want to. Like, right after I finish these next few. Oh...there are more.
  4. CommGuy107

    ...and, the first pen!

    Nothing fancy, but it will forever be my first pen.
  5. CommGuy107

    Fine! I'll try turning pens!

    Bowls, spindles, goblets - I've even turned several obligatory baseball bats, but never a pen. I ordered supplies, got a few necessary and/or helpful tools, and I just cut some blanks to make the first wave. These are Walnut, Persimmon, Maccassar Ebony, and Purple Heart. Once I get the...
  6. CommGuy107

    Homemade Beeswax Paste

    While I appreciate a good trip to a woodworking or hardware store, there are few things more gratifying than doing it yourself. That's why we like woodworking anyway, isn't it? Using just two ingredients totaling less than a dollar, I made about 12 ounces of beeswax paste for a food safe finish...
  7. CommGuy107

    User Discount List

    Where do I find the list of current discounts available to DQ Users?
  8. CommGuy107

    Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide

    I looked through some old threads and found mixed reviews. As Osborne has continued to modify their guides, has anyone had a good/bad/so-so experience with a later model? Here's the LATEST.
  9. CommGuy107

    Honey-Do Lists: Converting Work to WOODwork

    I've found a way! As Spring is wrapping and summer descends, my wife is wanting more and more done in the yard. She is definitely doing the lion's share during the day, from planting to pruning to just sprucing things up. As her list of projects grows, though, I could see my shop time was going...
  10. CommGuy107

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

    Cutting wood just to cut wood. I am completely enjoying a proper setup and a new blade from the guys at I got a new Rikon 14" Bandsaw last month, and this week I put on a new 3/8" x .032 x 3TPI X-Tra Duty Blade. After a careful setup, I slapped a 6" hunk of Purple Heart...
  11. CommGuy107

    Little Bit Of Luthiery

    If you've never tried, but wondered about the process, here are a couple of pics from a current project. Lovingly referred to as a "Mariach-ulele", this big-bodied Ukulele features an 18" scale, One-piece maple neck, walnut back, mahogany sides, spruce top, and rosewood fretboard and...
  12. CommGuy107

    When you have a few minutes...

    When you have a few minutes, enjoy this time lapse video of the creation of a 3-D segmented bowl of another kind.
  13. CommGuy107

    Free Turning Videos (for now)

    I've been enjoying the "Woodturning with Tim Yoder" videos. Popular Woodworking Magazine made all 24 Season 1 videos free to stream as they promote Season 2. Tim works with both traditional and carbide tools and has a fun personality, so when you aren't learning something, you can simply...
  14. CommGuy107

    Removing Anchor Seal ...or Whatever

    It's not often I buy turning blanks, but recently I did. I bought some blanks at Klingspor's, and they were completely encased in a waxy substance. I know why, but I need to know if - and how - to remove it.
  15. CommGuy107

    Second Segmented Turning. Closer. Just...Closer

    I did better on the "how" this time, but I need to focus on the "what". I think my biggest problem was wood selection this time around. This is Bubinga (base), and Cherry, Walnut and Ash in the rings. Focus, Dan. Focus.
  16. CommGuy107

    Working ON the Shop, Not IN It...

    My big ol' Craftsman Table Saw just bit the dust after more than 20-years in my shop. Well, it didn't really die, but it developed a wobble in the arbor itself. I may be able to get someone to machine an arbor, for me, and I may be able to fix it, but in the meantime, I still have stuff to do...
  17. CommGuy107

    A Couple of Great Books

    Just picked up a couple of new ( to ME) books this week. The first, "Bandsaw Handbook" by Mark Duginske is crammed full of useful information on setup, techniques, safety, and even projects for any bandsaw owner. I could easily recommend it to any woodworker - not just for the...
  18. CommGuy107

    Bandsaw Blade Tension

    So I installed a new blade on my Rikon 10-325 today, and the tension was all whacked out. I used the handy "numbers in the window" method, and double checked to make sure I didn't leave some important step out (not my first bandsaw), but it was wa-a-a-ay too slack at the mark for a 3/16" blade...
  19. CommGuy107

    Shop Time!

    I'm ready for some serious shop time this weekend! After a crazy-busy week, it looks like I can get back into the shop and back to some projects waiting on me. I got the new saw set up and tuned up, just need to decide where it's going to END up. And I've got these two rings ready to glue up...
  20. CommGuy107

    Upgrade + Downgrade = Same, But Better

    Got the new Rikon 10-325 14" Bandsaw assembled and setup (thanks to some helpful tips on NCWW). The electrician is coming tomorrow to inspect the wiring to see if it's adequate for 20-amps, and install a separate 20-amp run if it's not. The Shopsmith (one of them) is cleaned, tuned and prepped...

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