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  1. scsmith42

    Changes to by-laws adopted for 501C3 Tax Exempt pu 2019-04-16

    The following changes to the By-laws were unanimously approved by the BOD on January 10, 2010. These changes were recommended by Counsel to NCWW, in order to bring us into compliance with typical requirements for 501C3 Tax Exempt organizations.
  2. scsmith42

    Rough cut lumber, is it worth the effort?

    Well, I'll admit that I'm a bit biased on this topic.... but here is my 2 cents. Customers who buy S4S lumber are typically looking for perfectly clear boards - both sides and end to end. They tend to be interested in maximum yield from their boards. Therefore, lumber sellers who specialize...
  3. scsmith42

    Shop build advice

    For a woodshop, building over a crawl space allows you to run the dust collection and electric under the floor, which is a great option. However, it will not allow the building to be used as a conventional garage for for alternate automotive / metal fabrication type work. I’d suggest 10’...
  4. scsmith42

    Looking for a small electric motor repair shop near Raleigh

    Williams is on Hillsboro street just west of Burke Brothers Hardware
  5. scsmith42

    Drill bits search

    3 of the 4 were resawn into veneer. We still have the fourth one to finish. What's your schedule like Thursday or next week?
  6. scsmith42

    Drill bits search

    Dan, since you asked about local suppliers Wilders Bolt and Nut in north Raleigh typically stocks Norseman bits (US MFG). They are an excellent quality drill bit. Cruco in Sanford stocks Nachi (excellent Japanese brand) along with an import brand. Fastenal also has good quality products. I...
  7. scsmith42

    Drill Bit set

    Cleveland Twist drill is a well respected company with a solid product. They were strong in sales to machine shops back in the day.
  8. scsmith42

    IRS Auctions

    I have not purchased any items at an IRS auction in High point. The moulder came from Granville, NY (Manchester Wood Products) Before that I bought everal items at the Hooker Furniture auction in Martinsville, VA, There have been a few smaller ones but the names escape me right now.
  9. scsmith42

    BORG lumber

    Excellent answers guys!
  10. scsmith42

    IRS Auctions

    Jeff, I've bought quite a bit of shop equipment through IRS auctions, going back to 2009. My latest acquisition was a 6 head Wadkin moulder that I purchased last November. My opinion of IRS auctions is that they are a good source for commercial or industrial purchasers, but not such a good...
  11. scsmith42

    Getting some wood kiln dried

    Depends upon the species. Drying wood is not so much about placing it in a hot environment as it it about controlling the temp, RH% and air flow. You would achieve a higher quality result from drying at 90F than at 140F in a hot attic. Although a solar kiln may hit 140F, proper operation is...
  12. scsmith42

    Damn 16/4 Red Oak

    David, there is no known kiln drying process for drying 16/4 oak from green. Limited success has been achieved with 12/4, but it’s still iffy. The damage that you are seeing is called “honeycomb”. It is a direct result of drying oak too quickly. The kiln schedule for 16/4 is approximately a...
  13. scsmith42

    Hutch complete

    Well done Michael! The style of the hutch really synchronizes well with the items stored in it.
  14. scsmith42

    New Site Up

    Many thanks to all for the hard work! I hope that the post count is able to be transferred; I worked hard to accumulate that many posts! Please keep up the truly outstanding and unselfish contributions to this great site that we all enjoy so much. Scott
  15. scsmith42

    Getting some wood kiln dried

    Yes, they should start the drying process via air drying. The 8/4 stock can go into a solar kiln just about any time, but the 12/4 and thicker will need several months of air drying first. Unfortunately, the deep vacuum kiln that I want starts at 250K. It hasn’t come up to the stop of the...
  16. scsmith42

    Just a Quick Shop Survey

    64 x 88.
  17. scsmith42

    Getting some wood kiln dried

    Although it’s possible to dry 2” thick oak from green, it is rather expensive and takes several months. A high vacuum kiln can dry oak up to 3” or so, but there is no known kiln drying process for drying 4” or thicker oak from green.
  18. scsmith42

    Lumber Suppliers

    World Timber in Hubert, NC is a major importer of exotic lumber. I don't know what their minimum order is, but they will most likely have the best price if you're looking for a significant board footage.
  19. scsmith42

    Penolic distribution run!

    Bruce, what does this material look like? Is it phenolic injected plywood or ??? Thx. Scott

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