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  1. WoodWorksbyTim

    Rules for the "For Sale / Wanted" forum.

    How should we handle posts for sale items after they have sold. Should we delete post, just mark it sold, etc...
  2. WoodWorksbyTim

    True Or False : A completely water submerged cutting board will not crack...

    I've made and sold a ton of cutting board also. I think you're over thinking it. My guess is that the customer put the board in the dishwasher. That said, I don't think either of the scenarios you described would cause a properly glued cutting board to crack.
  3. WoodWorksbyTim

    SOLD: For Sale - New PSI Long Ranger III Remote Switch for 220v Dust Collectors...

    I purchased this some time ago but never used it. My current dust collector is equipped with a remote switch so I wont be needing this one. $45.00 plus cost to ship. Thanks.
  4. 20181003_002124.jpg


    All done! South end view.
  5. 20181003_002145.jpg


    All done! North end view.
  6. 20180927_141921.jpg


    Underlayment install in progress.
  7. 20180924_161819.jpg


    Underlayment acclimating to woodshop temperature and humidity.
  8. 20180924_155320.jpg


    Strong wife carrying underlayment into shop. i'm going to owe her big time!
  9. 20180923_183226.jpg


    Subfloor after screwing down raised board edges, scraping texture paint splatters, loose nail setting, sanding.
  10. 20180715_161949.jpg


    Sub-floor prior to any prep work.
  11. WoodWorksbyTim

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    Thanks Stuart. However, I'm going to need to get a little more desperate in order to consider the 2h 40min
  12. WoodWorksbyTim

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    Thanks. I'll look into that.
  13. WoodWorksbyTim

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    Thanks. I've been keeping an eye out on cl and fb. Even those sources are not as good as PA. Totally agree about the weather, can't tell you how happy I was to sell my snowblower just before we moved.
  14. WoodWorksbyTim

    Dewalt 13" Planer - $220 (Henrico)

    That was a steal! I sold several tools on craigslist, including my Dewalt 13" planer, when prepping to move to NC. I listed it for $425, it sold the next day. Except for the OEM knives, it's a great benchtop planer.
  15. WoodWorksbyTim

    Coffee Table

    Good on you for trying something new and challenging yourself. If you like warm hues, try Minwax Golden Oak stain. Don't mix it, just use the liquid...leaving the pigment at the bottom of the can. This look great on White or Red Oak.
  16. WoodWorksbyTim

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    He's an 1.5 hours away but he has some nice stuff. I'll definitely keep him as a reference. Thank you!
  17. WoodWorksbyTim

    Problem with uploading photos...

    Scratch that! The photos are there. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but I'm happy to see it working now. Thank you.
  18. WoodWorksbyTim

    Problem with uploading photos...

    I did that previously, but after adding the media files along with a descriptions, I get a message that media will appear after it's been reviewed. However, the media folder is still empty after a week. I just went back and added one photo. I'll check tomorrow to see if it's still there. Thanks.
  19. 20180715_161949.jpg


    This is what my shop floor looked like many months after we moved in. Why has it been many months without any action...because I had to do everything on my honey-do list first! You're looking at the raw sub-floor.

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