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  1. woodworker2000

    Construction lumber prices

    speaking of prices, I thought this was funny.
  2. woodworker2000

    For Sale Listings - Check out the Facebook page

    THAT is something you will never hear me say....
  3. woodworker2000

    How to fix this gutter? Basement flooding

    A larger lower gutter might help as well as re-directing the existing downspout further away from the corner by putting a horizontal 90 at the end. Another option might be to split the upper downspout so 1/2 of the water from the upper roof runs to the other side of the lower roof (the side we...
  4. woodworker2000

    LED Lamp

    You can put LED bulbs in those lamps instead of throwing them away.
  5. woodworker2000

    The biggest router I've ever seen.

    ^what he said. That was made way back....when men were men and women were women. Today? Well, let's just say that today's routers are much smaller.....
  6. woodworker2000

    What am I supposed to do with this...

    I think your aunt may have misled you about it being small. If that is small, what does she consider large?
  7. woodworker2000

    TrueTrac System - anyone have any experience?

    It seems to be similar to the EZ-Smart System but not as complete: EZ-Smart @ Eurekazone
  8. woodworker2000


    My prefered font is Webdings
  9. woodworker2000

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    Did you get it done? I was thinking....if the threaded part is a full-length insert, the knobs used to tighten an umbrella in place would have to go through that insert so IF the threaded part is an insert, the knobs could be what is preventing you from removing it. You could try removing the...
  10. woodworker2000

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    what is the knob on the pole for? It might be holding a threaded insert in place.
  11. woodworker2000

    Japanese Maple and Crape Myrtle wood available

    That Japanese Maple may be worth more than you think if it has an 8" trunk. If you live in Raleigh or Durham, there is a JM farm on 98 that may be interested in it (live, not cut down).
  12. woodworker2000

    Crepe Myrtel Tree coming down- offering some of it up.

    The stump grinder guy may not want to grind too far into the ground. When I helped a neighbor get rid of his crepe myrtle, we dug around it really well and then wrapped a chain around it and pulled it out of the ground with my truck. We didn't try to snatch it out like these guys: Car/Truck...
  13. woodworker2000

    Crepe Myrtel Tree coming down- offering some of it up.

    If your deck is going to be built over it, I would cover it and forget least until sometime next summer (or later or never) you see the plastic under your deck and think "I can probably get rid of that plastic now".
  14. woodworker2000

    Crepe Myrtel Tree coming down- offering some of it up.

    my only suggestion is to make CERTAIN you remove the root ball and dig all around the root ball to get every peice out of the ground. After that, I would still cover the spot with black plastic. Otherwise, you WILL get new CM shoots poking up through your deck. Crepe Myrtles are difficult to...
  15. woodworker2000

    My 16 inch planer....

    funny. you got me. I was expecting a huge mass of steel and cast iron.
  16. woodworker2000

    LED flexible gooseneck lamps

    You can search for "led ring light clamp" on Amazon and see if any of those lights suit your needs. They usually have a long goosneck.
  17. woodworker2000

    Track saw question

    This company sells a tracksaw setup designed to replace a tablesaw: EurekaZone Tracksaw
  18. woodworker2000

    Does this count as a woodworking accident?

    been there, done that....
  19. woodworker2000

    Round Router SubBase

    A less expensive version on Amazon (which I wouldn't have found until Matt linked to the Rockler base): POWERTEC 71381 Universal Router Base Plate for Trim Routers
  20. woodworker2000

    Round Router SubBase

    I haven't seen it available. This is something only routerman would have had...........

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