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  1. Danny Batchelor

    Making Strips for Canoe Build

    Big thanks go to Scott Smith & Crew @ Quarter Sawn White Oak in New Hill for slicing and ripping 3 big boards into a bunch of strips in less than an hour. I had gotten some cypress from Eric Feltz in Raeford, a little over a year ago and after drying and planing it I had been wrestling with how...
  2. Danny Batchelor

    Magswitch Resaw Fence

    Anyone use this for resawing? I have tried using Dan’s (Danmart) knife edge resaw fence but I have a tough time keeping it clamped to the cast iron table.
  3. Danny Batchelor

    Delta Contractor Trunions

    I have an older Delta (Mod. 34-444) that the trunnions slipped out of the ways while aligning the blade. Got it back together and while attempting to tilt to 45 it happened again. I feel i’m over my head. Any suggestions?
  4. Danny Batchelor

    Soundproofing Wooden Walls

    My wife and I live in a log home which has wooden floors, walls and ceilings; it is wonderful. However, all that wood transmits sound exceeding well. So well that there is no sound privacy between our bedroom and the guest bedroom. We would like to soundproof the two adjoining walls. Any...
  5. Danny Batchelor

    Delta Contractor Saw

    The motor height of my saw is 18 1/2" above the floor. Because of a dust collection issue I want to raise it to 22". The distance from motor pulley to arbor pulley would change from 18" to 16 1/2". Would the performance of the the saw be impacted?
  6. Danny Batchelor

    Woodworker Jobs

    MasterBrand Cabinets of Jasper, Indiana has purchased a 137,000 sq. ft. building to consolidate their NC employees into one place in Lexington. By October, they plan to add 38 new employees to the new facility at Sapona Business Park, 118 Lexington Parkway. They are one of the nation's largest...

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