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  1. Michael Mathews

    Walnut bowl finished

    Here's a walnut bowl I finished up yesterday. The long diameter is 11", the short diameter is 8", and it's 6-1/2" tall. The bottom detail was done with a Sabertooth 1" sphere fine grit (yellow) in a Foredom SR series flex shaft power carver. Comments and questions welcome...
  2. Michael Mathews

    Bronze & Maple Burl Coffee Tamper

    Here's a project I made for my daughter. She has a coffee machine that uses a coffee tamper. The one that came with the machine is pretty cheap, so I made a better one. Enjoy!
  3. Michael Mathews

    Picked up these gems yesterday!

    Just happened to be at the right place at the right time!
  4. Michael Mathews

    My Latest Turnings

    I turned these over the past couple weekends. The Maple Bowl is 11" dia. x 5" high and the Tiny Vessel is Bradford Pear and 2-1/2" diameter and approximately 1/8" thick. The opening is 1" dia. Comments and questions welcome. Enjoy!
  5. Michael Mathews

    Posting Photos???? UGH

    I just tried to post some photos of some turnings I've completed. I added them to my gallery but I can't access them to drop to a new thread. So I just tried to drag and drop from my MacBook Finder app. Then I crashed the site page and had to reopen and lost what I had done. This is the #1...
  6. Michael Mathews

    Steel Engraver?

    This is off the subject of ww, but I'm asking the great resource of people here if anyone can recommend a source to get a steel plate engraved with text. It's not a personal job it's my company that's looking. Any help would be greatly appreciated as usual! TIA
  7. Michael Mathews

    Crochet Hook & Tiny Vessel

    I turned these yesterday just for fun. The Crochet Hook is Japanese Maple with just the Hampshire Sheen Polish for a finish. The Tiny Vessel is Cherry with Mahony's for a finish. Enjoy!
  8. Michael Mathews

    New Homemade Lathe Knife "Skew Killer" !!!

    Back in November I saw a YT video of a guy in the UK demonstrating a Lathe tool he made that he called a Lathe Knife. He got this name from some translated Russian that he found showing this tool in use. Anyway, he said he'd been using this tool and really found it much easier to use than the...
  9. Michael Mathews

    Manual, Remote Control Blast Gate for DC

    Does anyone else subscribe to Jay Bates "Interesting Stuff From Around The Web"? This morning there was a Youtube video about a guy that designed a cable controlled Remote Control for his Blast Gates. I thought is was pretty ingenious and worth checking out. I just might have to give one of...
  10. Michael Mathews

    3D Puzzle Block project, Cherry and Oak

    These are each 1-3/4" square. The darker one is Cherry and the lighter is Oak. They were cut on the scroll saw but also can be easily sized up and done on a band saw with a 1/8" blade.
  11. Michael Mathews

    RECEIVED: 35mm SLR MANUAL camera for college kid

    I was recently chatting with some you you wonderful NCWW people on a Sunday morning telling you about my daughter that's learning dark room techniques at college. Well, she bought what she thought was a manual camera and turns out it's just manual focus. So, anyone got a spare fully manual 35mm...
  12. Michael Mathews

    Shop Stool Project Update Pics

    Here's a couple pics of the Shop Stool in progress. The legs are Sapele and the rest is Wormy and Spalted Maple. All the pegs are temporary just for show and tell for the pics!
  13. Michael Mathews

    Looking for a strip sander

    Anyone got a strip sander they're not using? How about some spare cash in you're back pocket? I could use one if you've got one collecting dust. Send me a message! That's code for "start a conversation" if you didn't know! Thanks!
  14. Michael Mathews

    A couple recent turnings...

    The "Fatty" Mushroom Box is made from Bradford Pear. Approximately 6" tall and 4 ~5" diameter. The bowl is made of "found" wood! I might be Walnut as it's got the look at turned somewhat like Walnut. Approximately 3" tall and 5" diameter. Enjoy!
  15. Michael Mathews

    SOLD - Delta 9" Shopmaster BS100 Bandsaw W/Blades

    For sale is a Delta 9" Shopmaster Bandsaw model BS100. 1/3 HP, 120 V, 3 Amps. This Bandsaw has served me well as a second Bandsaw for about 3 years. I got the opportunity to upgrade and jumped. The blade on it is a 1/4" x 6 TPI Flex Back blade. It's still got a lot of life left and cuts well. I...
  16. Michael Mathews

    Wanted: Small to Medium Size Motor w/Blower Combo for Dust Catcher

    Let me explain what I'm looking for! I have dust collection and so forth, but when power carving, dust collection can be way overkill! I'm looking for a smaller motor / blower combo unit that I can easily move around can build a filter unit onto the front. Something that can be set up on the...
  17. Michael Mathews

    NCWW Contest August 2019 - Post Pictures of a Home Improvement Project

    For this contest post pictures of things you built for improvements to your home. A before and after pic would be nice, but not necessary!
  18. Michael Mathews

    Poll: Vote for your Favorite Project with a Back Story

    Vote for your Favorite Project with a Back Story. Here's the link to the entries:
  19. Michael Mathews

    what oil for hand plane maintenance?

    I saw in a video someone used Camellia oil to clean up hand planes after each use before putting them away, to keep them looking like new over many years of use. I'm curious to see what others use and if you recommend Camellia oil, what type? I see cold pressed, and I do see some for blades, but...
  20. Michael Mathews

    Tool Cabinet is On the Wall!

    So here's the proof! A couple pics of the tool cabinet hanging on the wall and ready to be loaded with tools!

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