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  1. flatheadfisher

    Shaker Dining Table

    That is great work. I enjoyed all of the pictures. I liked the pics of trimming the breadboards - I wondered how one did that. How do you sign your work? It doesn't look like a brand.
  2. flatheadfisher

    a cherry box.

    nice work!
  3. flatheadfisher

    Stairs FINALLY Done!

    "We" just put a new floor down in our house three weeks ago. My back and knees are still protesting! I gotta do the steps next. I hope mine turn out as great as yours - great work!
  4. flatheadfisher

    I made Print also

    Your work has intrigued me since I first saw it on this site. I continue to be amazed by your talent! Have you gone to Madison to pick up your wood yet? If not, let me know when you go - I'd like to meet you over there and take you out for lunch!
  5. flatheadfisher

    Lignomat K100 Wood Pin Moisture Meter - $200 (Lexington)

    Not mine. I just saw it on CL... Lignomat K100 Wood Pin Moisture Meter - $200 (Lexington) Date: 2010-08-15, 5:29PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a BRAND NEW, never used Lignomat K100 moisture meter. Ideal for wood floor installers...
  6. flatheadfisher

    Shop AC finally fixed!

    I just put in another AC window unit in my shop. I gotta get one of those split units soon. The heat is an issue.
  7. flatheadfisher

    Surry County Sawyer

    My dad has a large white oak on his property that he is going to have cut down. I haven't measured the circumference but I couldn't reach all the way around it and I am 6'1". It is a "yard tree" but I am 90% sure it has no metal in it - he always told my brother and me not to put nails in...
  8. flatheadfisher

    Wood Score - Want Some?

    I had several pms and I realized my intentions may not be clear. I am not really trying to sell these big pieces. I just thought some turners might like to have some blanks from these big pieces of wood and I'd let some go for a more than reasonable price. I don't have a lathe and I will just...
  9. flatheadfisher

    some success with resawing

    A bandsaw is next on my purchase list. I want to be able to resaw boards too. I will keep in mind the importance of a good fence!
  10. flatheadfisher

    100 year old oak table

    +1 on Waterlox
  11. flatheadfisher

    Meeting @ Ernie's Shop

    Congrats on a good meet and a good race. I am amazed that some human bodies can withstand such stress, much less excel at it!
  12. flatheadfisher

    Wood Score - Want Some?

    I think you are right on target, Rob. It looks just like that! I just cleaned up the Paduk and it has lots of figure in it. I have never seen figured Paduk...
  13. flatheadfisher

    2 TTL of ERC

    Nice work! When is the pool party? :gar-La;
  14. flatheadfisher

    Woodworking Shop Sell Out

    Yep, that is him.
  15. flatheadfisher

    Woodworking Shop Sell Out

    I didn't pay much attention to the saw (sorry). It was underneath a router table and some other stuff. He seemed to have things priced so they would move - it might be a good deal.
  16. flatheadfisher

    Wood Score - Want Some?

    I saw an add on Craig's List for a 4" belt sander. I have one but for some reason, the drive belt keeps breaking. So, I thought I'd check out the sander. Well, the guy was a woodworker and moving out of the country. I bought several boards from him - thinking I would use it to make cutting...
  17. flatheadfisher

    Woodworking Shop Sell Out

    I found some ads on Craig's List from a guy that was selling out his workshop because he is moving out of the country. I bought a sander and some nice pieces of wood from him. He had lots of cool stuff I didn't need like Dewalt planer, scroll saw, a drill press, table saw, tool box, hand...
  18. flatheadfisher

    Horizontal router table

    I have the Hawk Router Shop and I really enjoy the ability to flip it up and use the router horizontally.
  19. flatheadfisher

    Performax 16-32 sander $250.00 not mine

    I was too late! Thanks for posting.

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