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  1. Travis Porter

    Anyone have a JSG-6DC 6" x 48" Belt / 12" Disc Sander

    I have one with an enclosed stand. I have had it for probably 8 to 10 years. Overall has served well with no issues.
  2. Travis Porter

    Tung and Linseed Oils 2019-04-16

    Descriptions and characteristics of tung and linseed oils
  3. Travis Porter

    Tung and Linseed OIls part 2 2019-04-16

    Part 2 of characteristics of tung and linseed oils
  4. Travis Porter

    CL, NIB, stolen?

    You also have those that don’t manage their finances. Go buy stuff on credit and then sell it to get cash.... Short term gain for a long term problem.
  5. Travis Porter

    Finishing Pine Help

    I too would recommend spraying dye.
  6. Travis Porter

    Cherry Veneer Wanted

    Sample of a piece of cherry veneer. Fairly typical. Actually, that is two pieces spliced, but lots of 16” plus.
  7. Travis Porter

    Cherry Veneer Wanted

    Yeah, what Bernhard said. Let me see if I have pic. It is about 3/32 thick. For no more than you want will give it to you. B and I bought a very large amount together.
  8. Travis Porter

    Cherry Veneer Wanted

    I got all you want. When do you need it and how do you want to make the trade?
  9. Travis Porter

    Looking for some one with a spindle shaper in Lake Gaston area.

    I have one you can use, but am in Raleigh.
  10. Travis Porter

    SHELIX head for my Delta jointer with or without bearings

    I did mine on my 16in invicta jointer which is similar to a Delta. I ended up buying new bearings just to be safe so I had to install them. Dry ice and acetone was my friend and made it quick and simple.
  11. Travis Porter

    Rotary phase convertors

    Rotary converters are loud. If you get one, isolate it somewhere and set up a contactor/relay with a remote to turn it on and off. Mine drove me nuts. In my former set up I ran looped wiring from my phase converter to each machine. I think I had #8 to the converter and #10 on the output with...
  12. Travis Porter

    Dining table and chairs finished

    You have a sewing machine in the shop?
  13. Travis Porter

    Tentative Request for help moving tools to Storage

    I will try to make it, but it depends if our closing gets rescheduled. Hope to know for sure by Wednesday.
  14. Travis Porter

    UV cured coating

    My friend, I suspect you are right. I pay around $45 for a gallon of precat lacquer. I wonder what this runs...
  15. Travis Porter

    UV cured coating

    It sounds too good to be true. VOC free, easy clean up, and can be recoated without sanding. What are the negatives, if any? Will it be available in different sheens? How much does it run per gallon?
  16. Travis Porter

    New shop size?

    30 by 40 with 10 ft ceilings. A walled off area for finishing. I used to have a 24 x 32 and loved it but really wanted a finishing room. I have pretty much all commercial/large equipment in it, and it was a joy. I do miss it. Good luck!
  17. Travis Porter

    Dust Collector

    Well, with that in mind, if it were me, I would look for a free standing used 2 HP unit, preferably with a cartridge filter. Jet, Delta, Harbor Freight, Grizzly, General International, etc I would wager all have them made in the same factory as they are so much alike. It would be similar to...
  18. Travis Porter

    Dust Collector

    What is your biggest complaint with your current set up? Capacity, suction, etc? How big of a motor is your current set up? Just thinking out loud, if you watch craigslist, you can find some very good buys at times and not spend a lot of money. I sold a 2 HP unit quite a few years back...
  19. Travis Porter

    Bona Anti-slip Stair Tread Finish

    You could always get bullseye seal coat. It will add some warmth as well.
  20. Travis Porter

    Bona Anti-slip Stair Tread Finish

    My advice is to make test pieces and try it out. Most water based finishes are super clear. The amber seal will most likely do what you need,but the question is how many coats of it will you need to get it to match satisfactorily.

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