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  1. tarheelz

    Repair a c-clamp?

    If repair doesn't work out and you're anywhere near South Durham, feel free to swing by and take your pick.
  2. tarheelz

    Wen heavy duty mobile base review

  3. tarheelz

    Free table saw - Gone!

    I'll be watching for pictures of the restoration. Once tuned back up, these big old machines always trigger some jealousy in me.
  4. tarheelz

    Construction lumber prices

    Composite decking manufacturers are thrilled to find they are finally price competitive with pressure treated pine. Composite pricing is going up, up, up!
  5. tarheelz

    Rookie mistakes

  6. tarheelz

    SOLD: Bosch 1617 plunge and fixed router base

    That is a super kind offer. I already have two but otherwise would be all over this.
  7. tarheelz

    jointer for sale

    To whomever buys this, I'll buy your smaller hand-me-down! :cool:
  8. tarheelz

    Wanted to buy - Ebony
  9. tarheelz

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    Yeah. I was only half (+/-) serious (That said, if my table saw is a half thou out of dead flat, I'm good.)
  10. tarheelz

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    I'm definitely willing to tolerate all my joints being half a thou out. 1/200 of an inch. Heck, I just try to keep my gaps under 1/32. Any larger than that, and I might have to use too much wood dust (formerly sawdust) to hide them. (I use the term "wood dust" now to signal just how expense...
  11. tarheelz

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    Count me among those who believe the modern mythology of square to sub-fractional decimal is not worth the effort. It's modern conceit of the woodworking hobby.
  12. tarheelz

    Digital calipers that are not crap? Cheap and dead-on every time.
  13. tarheelz

    Woodpeckers or Bust?

    Reference?: Plastic architect's triangle: If $10 is too much a splurge (we're all saving money for plywood these days), just use the "flip it and scrape method" from this video to get your cheapo BORG combo square to dead accurate...
  14. tarheelz

    --SOLD -- Jet 16/32 drum sander - $800

    Who hacked Bas' account? Bas doesn't give up toys.
  15. tarheelz

    Brand new SawStop Contractor Saw + 36" T-Glide Fence - Cary, NC - SOLD

    Great deal for someone assuming you're ready to just break even.
  16. tarheelz

    Rookie mistakes

    You are not the first of us to do this. Fortunately for you, you're a woodworker! You can make new tops that are actually better than the originals.
  17. tarheelz

    Construction lumber prices

    Conspiracy theories aside, it's plain 'ole supply and demand. Fires, tariffs, and COVID have limited supply (at all levels of the chain) while COVID, the 2018 tax reform, stimulus funds, and record-low interest rates have fueled construction across all sectors. It will sort out but it will...
  18. tarheelz

    Construction lumber prices

    To track things:
  19. tarheelz

    Need pine cheap

    Don't blame the borg for this.
  20. tarheelz

    Makers Mark

    I sign my work in a hidden place with a Sharpie or paint pen. I also include a description of the finish. (Occasionally I'll provide information on the wood.) Before the coin shortage, I also embedded a coin from the completion year. Past year has just been handwritten dates.

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