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    Entertainment Center

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    Changing Table

  3. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

  4. adowden

    Need help getting vanity to Macon, GA

    I listed a Barbie Island Princess Vanity on Craigslist yesterday. This morning a person called from Macon, GA interested in purchasing it. It is fully assembled and shipping would be too difficult. I was wondering if anyone was planning a trip near Macon, GA and would be willing to bring it to...
  5. adowden

    Craftsman 15" 1/2 HP Drill Press in Hickory NC (1 left) $291.88

    I forgot to mention there are 3 of these at Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA and 2 at Newmarket Fair Mall in Newport News, VA.
  6. adowden

    Spray Shellac under clear exterior paint?

    I am not a finishing expert, but I would think as long as you use dewaxed shellac, you would be fine. You can get Zinsser Seal Coat at the BORGs. I got mine at Lowes HI. It is a 2 lb. cut and dries relatively fast. Good luck! Amy
  7. adowden

    Craftsman 15" 1/2 HP Drill Press in Hickory NC (1 left) $291.88

    I was looking through Sears tool clearance and found this. It is a 15" Craftsman Floorstanding Drill Press (22900) for $291.88 at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC. It is regularly priced at 449.99. If you buy online and use code JULY20 you get an additional $20 off $200 purchase (I think). The...
  8. adowden

    I sincerely apologize to all of our members

    I'm so sorry you couldn't go. I was hoping things would work out for me to go, but with two kids 8 & 11, this time of year is crazy. They are both having sleepovers tonight. I hope everyone that goes has a wonderful time! I hope you feel better soon. Amy
  9. adowden

    Thu-Sat, 4 bargain books for $10, lots of woodworking books

    Thanks so much for the post! I couldn't believe they had a Tage Frid book listed. I have all three in his set, but they are great! I did get several other books. Thanks again! Amy
  10. adowden

    About to do some paint testing....

    On the Train Bed I just made, I used Valspar Premium for the blue and Valspar Signature for the red. I hated the Valspar Premium because it had bubbles all in it. When I cleaned out the brushes, it was bubbly and soapy. The Valspar Signature did fine. I think I am going back to Behr paints. I...
  11. Saw Blade

    Saw Blade

  12. Saw Blade

    Saw Blade

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  17. adowden

    Train Bed - Just completed

    This is a train bed that I made for my best friend in High School's son. It took about 60 hours to build and finish. It was a fun project to design and build. Here is the SketchUp file I designed. Here is the front view of the finished bed. Here is the side view of the bed. I used my...
  18. Train bed - Sketchup design

    Train bed - Sketchup design

    This is the Sketchup file of the train bed that I designed
  19. Train bed - front

    Train bed - front

    This is a train bed that I made for a good friend's three year old son. It was fun to build!
  20. Train bed - side view

    Train bed - side view

    This is a train bed that I made for a good friend's three year old son. It was fun to build!

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