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  1. rick7938

    Wood for English Longbow

    My son has presented me with a new challenge. He was a pretty accomplished archer with a recurve bow 20-30 years ago, but he wants to get back into archery using a traditional English Longbow. I believe that I will have to laminate a couple of different woods to achieve a suitable combination of...
  2. rick7938

    Sandpaper Adhesive for Scary Sharp

    Has anyone found an adhesive better than the 3M spray for sticking the strips of wet/dry sandpaper to the flat surface, in my case 1/2-in plate glass? Sometimes the 3M spray feels a little lumpy under the paper. Thanks for any new ideas.
  3. rick7938

    Renovating Workshop - Couple of Qustions

    Just finished insulating and installing window AC in workshop. Getting ready to build new cabinets on each end of workshop. Question: Should I build the shelves 12" deep or 16" deep? With 16" shelves, I am afraid that stuff will get lost behind other stuff. Question: What is a good,small...
  4. rick7938

    Gasoline Powered Generator to LP?

    Anyone converted their gasoline powered generator to LP? How do you like it? Who can do it here in NC? I have a Coleman Powerback 5500 watt generator with Tecumseh 10 hp pull-start motor. I start it once a month, but it can still be a pain to start occasionally. I am hoping that with LP, it...
  5. rick7938

    Cutting Ceramic Tile

    This is OT for the website, but I hope that someone can give me some insight. I am going to install 16" X 16" ceramic tile on my new sunporch. I have rented wetsaws in the past, but usually paid as much in rental fees as I would have paid had I bought one. I saw a wetsaw at HF for about $60...
  6. rick7938

    Using Router Template Guide

    I am about to tackle my first project using a router template guide. I have used pattern bits and flush trim bits for years, but never a template guide. My question: My bit is 1/4" carbide spiral bit. I have a choice of a template guide with 9/32" ID or 1/4" ID. Does it matter which I use? I...
  7. rick7938

    Workbench Suggestions

    I am preparing to build a new workbench for my little shop. I have decided on my construction materials and methods, but need some suggestions from those who have already built far more benches than I. 1. The top to my workbench is going to be a finished size of 30" X 60". I want to maximize...
  8. rick7938

    Delta 8" VS Grinder

    Lowes in Clinton is running clearance on their Delta 8" Variable Speed Grinder. Current price is $118.00. With my military discount, I paid about $106.00. This grinder got mixed reviews on Amazon. Most complaints were from vibration. Mine runs smooth as silk at most speeds with a little...
  9. rick7938

    Tool Guide 911

    My next door neighbor's son stepped on and demolished my Tru-Grip 24" Clamp and Tool Guide today. From looking on the web, it appears that these clamps are no longer made. I bought an All-in-One 36" from Woodcraft a while back, but it doesn't seem to clamp as smoothly or securely as my...
  10. rick7938

    Thoughts on Router Table Insert

    I am getting ready to build a new router table. I have bought a new insert for my P-C 690 router. Since I don't do any heavy routing the 690 is all I need. However, I just read a couple of books by Pat Warner who does not favor an insert, but screws his routers directly to the table top. Since...
  11. rick7938

    Flattening Plywood

    I found 3 sheets of 2' X2' 5-ply 1/2-inch plywood that is laminated on both sides with a plastic veneer. It was in the scrap bin at the Restore Warehouse for $1/sheet. I want to use it for tablesaw inserts, jigs, etc., but each sheet has a small bow in it from other boards laying on top of them...
  12. rick7938

    Sandvik Handsaw Sharpening

    I have a Sandvik handsaw with "combination crosscut and rip teeth." It has been a great saw for the past 20 years, but badly needs sharpening. Although it was a high quality saw when I bought it, I don't know if it is economical or even possible to sharpen it with those combo teeth. Any...
  13. rick7938

    Feedback on Pat Warner Products

    I am wanting an offset base for my PC routers. From my searches on the web, Pat Warner's looks like the best for the money. Any feedback on his products and services?
  14. rick7938

    Woodworking Application for Electric Motor

    I have a nice GE 1/2-hp 1750 rpm electric motor that I am wanting to put to some good woodworking application. It has a single 1/2-inch shaft with a flat for a set-screw. How can I put this motor to good woodworking use? I can't stand having a perfectly good motor and not having it earning its...
  15. rick7938

    Working with Cedar

    The daughter of our closest friends wants me to make her a Hope Chest from real cedar. I hate working with the stuff because it gums up my tools and is so brittle. Therefore, I have never dedicated a lot of time learning to work cedar successfully. I am planning to use frame and panel...
  16. rick7938

    Polyurethane Over Shellac?

    Is it possible to put polyurethane as a final protective finish over shellac? I have made two end tables out of some old growth SYP, and the shellac finish really looks nice. However, my wife is afraid that there may be an issue with water rings, so she is wanting me to put on a coat of poly...
  17. rick7938

    Getting Glue Off The Besseys

    Anyone have advice on getting glue residue off the bar of my Bessey K-bodies? I have been putting paste wax on them, but I guess it wore off. Now I have glue building up on the bars. It just pops off the wax, but not off the chrome. Thanks for any feedback.
  18. rick7938

    Jointer Motor - Repair or Replace?

    I have an old Craftsman 6" jointer with 1/2-hp motor from the 60's. One of the shaft bearings in the motor has developed a rattle. Can these bearings be replaced at a reasonable price or is it better to just buy a good used or new motor? Any suggestions on sources for good used motors? Thanks...
  19. rick7938

    Member Experience With Rigid Jointer

    I have a chance to buy a used Rigid jointer at a reasonable price. I am looking for some feedback from those of you who have them as far as potential problems that I may experience such as finding replacement blades, etc. Thanks for any feedback.
  20. rick7938

    Small Air Compressors

    I have one problem and two questions. 1. I bought a small H-F oil lubricated air compressor about a year ago. It has worked great until yesterday. It will not generate more than 40 psi and there is air coming out of the intake filter. I am thinking that the intake valve is stuck open and is...

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