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  1. Woodmolds

    Hold Heet Glue Pot
  2. Woodmolds

    Cabinet Hinge question

    I don't know about direct replacement, but Salice is the same bore pattern.
  3. Woodmolds

    Can you cut picture frame molding?

    If you're not set on this particular pattern I probably have a similar width profile that could be run cheaper. Probably about $50 for 10'-12'.
  4. Woodmolds

    Can you cut picture frame molding?

    Yes, Knives and setup for first run would be $175. Would need sample or scale drawing.
  5. Woodmolds

    Purchasing pen supply

    Give this NC company a look. Packard Woodworks
  6. Woodmolds

    Looking for 2x8 dimensional cedar.

    Call South-East Lumber Co. (Kernersville) at 336-996-5322 They are a wholesale distributors, but they should be able to tell you who stocks or sells it retail.
  7. Woodmolds

    How do I make this large profile?
  8. Woodmolds

    Veneer Problem

    Article Link: American Woodworker
  9. Woodmolds

    Casters w/ long threaded stem

    I forgot to mention, I've purchased from this company several times. Always a good experience. And I was always happy with the products. Note: Some items are not new, but it is noted in the description.
  10. Woodmolds

    Casters w/ long threaded stem
  11. Woodmolds

    SealCoat has vanished

    Klingspor has it.
  12. Woodmolds

    Vacuum Press

    Nice looking table. I built mine from plans at Joe Woodworker for flat panels(about 3'X7' max). Lots of good info there. If you have any questions shoot Joe an email and he will help. Tony
  13. Woodmolds

    Small Parts Storage

    Thanks very much.
  14. Woodmolds

    1ph vs 3ph

    "The 3-phase power supplies are more efficient. " "3-phase will be cheaper because the amp requirement will be lower thus you can use smaller gauge less costly wire. " These are the main points for me. I have several small HP 3PH motors that I run daily. Table saw 5HP, Bandsaw 2HP, CNC router...
  15. Woodmolds

    Small Parts Storage

    Sometimes the process is more fun than the solution. Tony I sometimes get carried away & I do have a thing for drawers.
  16. Woodmolds

    Cold forming plywood question

    Depending on final thickness, curve, etc. More layers of veneer(thinner plys) the more stable the final product(no spring back). Gut feeling is fiberglass will add nothing and could cause problems later. These are just my opinions and are not based on science just my experiences.
  17. Woodmolds

    Repeat with better photos

    I would venture to say MESDA would be interested in documenting this piece and could be very helpful in identifying the wood. You could contact Daniel Ackerman(Interim Chief Curator) at MESDA or contact the Research Center at 336-721-7379
  18. Woodmolds


    Try here- Casters | Prices can't be beat, I've purchased several sets from them and I'm always happy with what I get. Big selection. Tony
  19. Woodmolds

    Material for curved dashboard

    You can get a little better pricing on thin "Finnish Birch" at Aircraft Spruce. I've purchased from them several times. Thin ply comes very well packed. East Coast location is Peachtree City, GA
  20. Woodmolds

    MR MDF in the Triangle

    This is pictures of what I used(the darker pc). It is 1" thick. I'm willing to let you have it for free, if it will work for you. Pick up would be my shop, just off 220 North near the NC/VA border.

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