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  1. jglord

    Who am I?

    First - many of you in the eastern part of NC may know me as John at the Woodcraft store in Raleigh. :eusa_danc My primary interest is in furniture making but most of my professional wood working has been doing kitchen cabinets like these. I've also made some small boxes like the attached...
  2. jglord

    High-end shop for sale

    I just found this shop sale on Craig's list - it is in Fayettevill. Here's the link. Posted Date: 2011-10-26, 11:41AM EDT This is the listing. Tools - $25000 (Fayyettville NC) Shop full of equipment .sawstop tablesaw .three dado sets/ radial arm. scm shaper. Delta shaper...
  3. jglord

    20% off Jet & Powermatic at Woodcraft

    We have just learned that Jet and Powermatic tools will be discounted 20%. Yes this is correct! It has never happened before and probably won't happen again. The details: the sale is May 15 and 16, as in past power tool sales we can pre-sell, so you do not need to wait until 5/15, 16. One...
  4. jglord

    10" 3 hp Rockwell/Delta saw - very short time

    Folks, Someone has contacted me with a deal on a Rockwell-Delta 10", 3hp saw for $150. The saw needs to be spoken for prior to 10:30 am today, or it will be disposed of. Call me at (919) 781-1911 and I'll give you the number to call.
  5. jglord

    Veterans Day Turn for Troops

    For a fifth year, the Raleigh Woodcraft store, located at 4317 Pleasant Valley Road, Raleigh, NC is inviting the general public to participate in a pen turn-a-thon event during Veteran’s Day – Saturday, November 8, 2008 – to craft wooden, high quality pens for American servicemen and women...
  6. jglord

    The Steel City Saw has been awarded

    Hello folks: Sorry for the delay in posting this, but we had some trouble reaching the winner and did not want to post here before notifying the winner. The winner is Lionel from Charlotte. Lionel is a woodworker but did not have a table saw prior to this This receipient makes us very happy...
  7. jglord

    Win a Steel City saw

    We are having a 15% off bag sale this Saturday 10/11 only (both Raleigh and Charlotte Woodcraft stores) and we will be giving away a Steel City 3 hp granite top table saw. :eusa_danc This contest is only for our two stores and only for one day - i.e. all folks coming in to either store can...
  8. jglord

    renewing micro mesh sanding pads

    Tried something last evening to renew my 2" square micro mesh sanding pads. I bought a mesh laundry bag for washing delicate items and put the pads in the bag and washed them along with a regular load of cold wash. The bag was $2.48 at Target. After washing, I spread the pads out on a small...
  9. jglord

    Inexpensive straight edge

    While working in Bill Anderson's beautiful shop during a hand planing class, we used some aluminum straight edges. They seemed to work well. The tip is he purchased an 8 foot length of aluminum bar stock from his local BORG. Cut a 4', 2' 18", and 6" piece, filed the cuts, and drilled a hole...
  10. jglord

    Raleigh Woodcraft Ready - Finally!!

    We made it through our last two inspections today and will be open tomorrow - December 4 at 9 AM. :eusa_danc:eusa_danc:eusa_danc Our hours will be: 9 AM - 9 PM Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM Saturday, 12 AM - 5 PM Sunday. We'll be closing at 4 PM on Monday 12/24, and return to regular...
  11. jglord

    The countdown to opening the Raleigh Woodcraft has begun!

    While we are a little behind our initial plans of opening in mid-November, we fully expect to begin serving customers by the end of the month. We’ve been slowed a bit by permits, construction delays, and inspections, but we are getting close. :BangHead: Here’s where we are….the majority of...
  12. jglord

    update on the Raleigh Woodcraft

    Hi folks: I don't know how many of you subscribe to the Woodcraft e-news so I thought I'd post today's news on the new store. You may be interested in the call for applications for employment in the second half. :-) As many of you already know, the Woodcraft store at Townridge Center closed...
  13. jglord

    Raleigh Woodcraft - new location

    I stopped by the old Raleigh Woodcraft last night to show my daughter the store and a sign on the door indicates the new location will be across the street from the old location. Actually, it will be on Pleasant Valley Road, which runs parallel to Glenwood. The new store is visible from...
  14. jglord

    last class - at least for a while

    Today, four students I've been working with finished making their cherry side tables and since the Raleigh Woodcraft will be closing August 17, it will be my last class for the foreseeable future. :cry: I'm going to miss working at Woodcraft and teaching there. It has been a real joy to see how...
  15. jglord

    sizing dowels

    Have you ever had trouble getting dowels to fit in what should be the appropriate size hole? Well, Bill Anderson (wanderson) showed me how to deal with the problem and I've copied his set-up. The photo shows a Lie-Nielsen dowel plate mounted to a cherry base designed to be clamped into...
  16. jglord

    sister needs major work on porch

    My sister's 100+ year old home in Benson needs major work on the porch. We're sure there is rot in the joists and all the flooring needs replacement.:-( If anyone is willing to give an estimate and do the work, or knows someone who would do this, please pm me.
  17. jglord

    A Gloat for my son

    My son, Peter, has been approved as an Eagle Scout after completion of this pavilion at an educational farm in New Hampshire near where he lives with his mother.:eusa_clap :eusa_clap His Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for March 31. You know where I'll be.:-)
  18. jglord

    A question about the Beall Wood Buff system

    I just completed (just in time for Christmas) :rolf: my first band saw box with lots of coaching from Joe Rukenbrod (works at Raleigh Woodcraft and teaches a class on band saw box making:eusa_clap ) and some from Denzel. This is a present for my daughter. I finished the box by wet sanding 5...
  19. jglord

    Another opportunity to support our troops

    Come to the Raleigh Woodcraft store this Saturday, November 11 between 9 am and 6 pm and turn a pen or pens to be sent to men and women serving overseas. Woodcraft will supply lathes, turning tools, pen blanks, pen kits, packaging and will arrange for shipment through the Freedom Pens...
  20. jglord

    Build a Krenov Style plane with Bill Anderson

    We've scheduled a class with Bill Anderson to build a Krenov style plane for October 14 and 15 (9 am - 5 p.m. both days) at the Raleigh Woodcraft (919 781-1911). In addition to building a beautiful plane, you will learn a classic style of building planes. Bill will have a 30+ page book...

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