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    The Hardwood Store of NC is becoming a dealer. Stock has been ordered and is expected to be in within 3 - 4 weeks. Is there a certain model you are looking for? Give me a call and I'll see if it's on our list. 336-449-9627 Thanks. Cheryl
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    Baltic Birch

    Unfortunately the 6mm is just 5 ply.
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    Need advice on this walnut and cherry

    It would look beautiful on a black metal base.....even if I do sell lumber!
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    8/4 Maple

    It's a little bit further than 2 hours but we have 8/4 Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Wormy Maple. Come see us! Cheryl @ The Hardwood Store of NC
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    Baltic Birch

    We have 3/4" x 4' x 8' sheets of Marine Grade Baltic Birch. It is 15 ply. Thanks. Cheryl @ The Hardwood Store of NC
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    Seek 5/4 Hickory in 6-8 ft lengths and any width

    The Hardwood Store of NC does, 9/10's. $3.85/BF. Thanks. Cheryl
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    Baltic Birch Plywood?

    I wish I had known.....I was in Emerald Isle this weekend. We do deliver there for $79.00. Generally the third Wednesday of the month and more often in the summer! Especially weekends!
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    Where can i find 1/8" hardwood plywood?

    The Hardwood Store of NC has 1/8" Italian Poplar. It is $36.00 per sheet and we typically have both 4 x 8 and 8 x 4. Thanks. Cheryl
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    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    We don't stock MDO at The Hardwood Store of NC but we're happy to bring it in for extra charge. Cheryl
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    Cedar for closet

    If it helps, we make a monthly delivery to Eastern North Carolina. Next trip scheduled is December 12.....that's just next week! Delivery charge is $79.00. Thanks. Cheryl
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    Planing Services

    We occasionally have customers that have lumber they need to have planed. Unfortunately we don't plane material from outside sources. We are looking for sources we can direct them to. If you are interested in having your name added to a list we can provide, please email it me along with your...
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    Nice wide cherry

    I am glad that were able to help! We have plenty more if you need it. Thanks for letting everyone know!
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    Who's bringing what to mid winter blahs picnic?

    We have some door prizes we would like to donate for the picnic. Can you tell me who to send them to. Cheryl The Hardwood Store of NC
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    Young woodworker essay

    I would be happy to post this on our website and/or Facebook page if you all would like. Cheryl
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    8/4 Cherry North Raleigh

    Not too far to the west of Raleigh is The Hardwood Store of NC. Cheryl
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    8/4 Cherry North Raleigh

    It would be a treacherous trip today but we're open! Cheryl The Hardwood Store of NC, Inc.
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    Hardwood supplier that will ship

    Eddie, Welcome to a great bunch of woodworkers! The Hardwood Store of NC,Inc. will be happy to ship to you. If you are ever in the area you are also more than welcome to come visit us and select your own material. Thanks. Cheryl
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    Looking for Shop Space

    Congratulations on this step of your career. I hope you find a place soon. Cheryl @ The Hardwood Store of NC
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    Horse wood fence supplies

    We don't keep any in the store but can bring it in for you. Let me know if you would like us to do so.

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