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  1. D L Ames

    Out of the net.

    Yeah, I know...............I haven't been around much lately but life has been extremely busy for me lately and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any.:lol: I recently accepted a job offer from General Dynamics that will have me working right back in the same building I have been working in...
  2. D L Ames

    Red Oak Lumber Sale

    The Habitat for Humanity Reuse center in Raleigh just called me with a deal on rough sawn red oak. They have 5/4 and 8/4 in stock with vary widths of 8-14". All of it is priced at $3.00 /LF. D L
  3. D L Ames

    A Thread to Watch

    Not too far out there yet but we may want to keep an eye on the exchange going on between Jeramey and Bruce. Bruce has responded to a couple of threads tonight with his usual brusque (but enlightening and informative) remarks. D L
  4. D L Ames

    Steel City bandsaw thread

    Michael, Take a hard look at the new 18" bandsaw Steel City put together. It is loaded with some very innovative features and I really like the design they are using for their blade tensioning mechanism. D L
  5. D L Ames

    'Online Indicater & Last seen on'

    Is the "Last Online" entry a new feature? I haven't figured out its true purpose yet but my first impression is it makes that portion of the header look a little too busy. Just my $.02 D L
  6. D L Ames

    Out of the net.

    I'll be heading down to Atlanta in the morning to visit the IWF show.:eusa_danc I should be back sometime Saturday evening. Mike will continue to cover down on any general Admin requirements. D L
  7. D L Ames

    Photo Album Link

    I made a change to how the "User Name" link functions in the list of members galleries. I did away with the "(show user's_name album)" link that we had under the User's Name and set it up so when you click on the user's name it will take you straight to the user's photo albums. IMHO this...
  8. D L Ames

    Fixes for Navbar in FF?

    Monty, Can you clue us in on the changes you made to fix the navbar for the issues Steve raised about the navbar in the problems and bugs forum? Inquiring minds what to know. D L
  9. D L Ames

    Chat Room

    The chat room is back on-line and can be enter clicking the link on the right hand menu. D L
  10. D L Ames

    steves moved thread on benchdog lift

    Re: Bench Dog Router lift Steve, are you looking to sell this item or do you have the line on purchasing a used one? I will be happy to move your thread for you once I understand your intent. D L
  11. D L Ames

    Prohibative Content Warning

    Steve, what post did I miss that brought this on? Did anyone move it into moderation? I apologize for not catching it. D L
  12. D L Ames

    Welcome Ray Martin

    I would like everyone to welcome our newest member to the dark side. Ray has accepted our request for assistance and Will be moderating the "Other Stuff" forum as well as doubling up in one of the other forums. Please give me an hand on assisting Ray as he learns his new duties. Thanks for...
  13. D L Ames

    Happy Birthday JMR2

    Hey John, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.:eusa_danc I hope you have a wonderful day, one filled many family and friends. D L
  14. D L Ames

    Moderation Drop Down Menu

    Monty, The moderation drop down menu located at the bottom of each forum page is defaulted to "Delete Thread". Would it be possible to change the default to "Close Thread"? I suspect with the current requirement to close threads > 30 days old that the "Close Thread" option will be the most...
  15. D L Ames

    Forum Moderator Assignments

    All, Below is a list of the current assignments we have for Mods to the specific forums. I need an Admin or newly promoted Webmaster to make the changes (indicated by RED = delete name, BLUE = add name, BLACK = no change, Green = will change later) to the Moderator names on the Forums homepage...
  16. D L Ames

    Iwf 2006

    If anyone is planning to attend the IWF 2006 show in Atlanta next month and have not yet registered you may want to do so prior to 21 July. Pre-registration for the show is currently $10 until 21 July then it will increase to $25. I plan to travel down on 24 Aug and spend a few days there. D...
  17. D L Ames

    Rough to Ready Plan Class

    I attended the Woodcraft hosted "Rough to Ready" hand plane class today presented by Bill Anderson. Here is a brief review of the class. Class: Rough to Ready Instructor: Bill Anderson Location: Woodcraft's Raleigh-Durham location. Class Size: 4 (only two students showed up for the class...
  18. D L Ames

    Good source for Planer/Jointer Knives

    I was searching Amazon the other day and found them to be a decent source for planer and jointer knives. The knives are made by Freud and list for half the price of the OEM knives. I ordered a set of 6" jointer knives for $16 and a set of 15" planer knives for $38. They arrived today well...
  19. D L Ames

    TV Cabinet (WIP)

    My MIL asked me to design a corner TV cabinet for her. Here is a rendering of the design I came up with and a couple of WIP pix. I am making the face frames and raised panels out of poplar and the cabinet will be painted white (by request) upon completion. I am currently planning to use Melamine...
  20. D L Ames

    Small Boxes with lid Inlay

    I finally tried my hand at making my own inlay strips. Making the inlay strips was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I ended up using a few of the inlay strips on some small boxes I made for my Dad and FIL for Father's Day. Additional pix are in my album here. D L

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