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  1. nelsone

    Western Red Cedar in Charlotte?

    Thanks. This one comes down to customer request. I plan on making a couple for myself out of white oak at some point. For those that are interested, McGee Lumber carries WRC.
  2. nelsone

    Western Red Cedar in Charlotte?

    Does anyone know where I can find some 5/4 Western Red Cedar in the Charlotte area? I have been asked to build a couple Adirondack chairs and plan to use cedar.
  3. nelsone

    Beginning to Learn to turn segments

    Just did my first segmented turning and have a couple more t do. They are fun. when I was building up the rings I found it helpful to build half rings then attach both pieces to the table saw sled and split them to get a clean joint. Much easier than trying to get perfect angles off the miter saw.
  4. nelsone

    Walnut Drink Tray with inlay

    Re: Agreed - Nicely Done! : Walnut Drink Tray with inlay Trays are fun. You did a nice job on that one. I like the cutouts for the glasses.
  5. nelsone

    Segmented Bowl

    Thanks guys! Mike, no it isn't too cold, I'll be paddling through the winter! But it has been fun having a project to work on. I still have to get a couple more to get done.
  6. nelsone

    Segmented Bowl

    Hello everyone! Been quite a while since I've done any woodwork so since I finally completed something I thought I'd share. This is my first attempt at a segmented turning and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Merry Christmas to All!
  7. 1st Segmented Turning

    1st Segmented Turning

    Segmented Bowl
  8. Compass Rose Tray

    Compass Rose Tray

  9. Ferderal Influenced Service Tray

    Ferderal Influenced Service Tray

  10. nelsone

    best type of flush trim router bit for burl veneer as well as plain cut veneer?

    Burl veneer? Sounds like a job for a knife, file and sandpaper. Even with a spiral bit, I think you would risk tear out.
  11. nelsone

    Latest Harpsichord Finished - Sapele and Chinoiserie

    That may have been some firsts for you both, but I hope not the last! That is a beautiful instrument!
  12. nelsone

    Federal Style Desk for my grandson - finally done!

    Fantastic looking desk! Thanks for sharing.
  13. nelsone

    Anybody doing any strip built boats?

    My dad has built a couple strip canoes and a S&G kayak out in MO. I am much more into whitewater than flat water, but have been interested in tackling one of the Guillemots. I'd love to see the boat and discuss some of the challenges sometime.
  14. nelsone

    4th Annual Charlotte Area NCWW Christmas get together

    See everyone Saturday!
  15. nelsone

    4th Annual Charlotte Area NCWW Christmas get together

    I'll probably be able to make it.
  16. nelsone

    My new shop ;-)

    Looks like a nice setup you have Pete!
  17. nelsone

    Day Lilly Carving

    Great carving BTW, but I would expect nothing less!
  18. nelsone

    Day Lilly Carving

    Dang Pete. Guess I haven't been around enough. Sorry to hear you're moving away, but I wish you the best. You going to teach carving for Roy? ;-)
  19. nelsone

    My Job is being eliminated

    Tough situation to be in for sure. There was an article on NPR a couple weeks ago that patent attorneys are in high demand. I hope that proves true and you have a short wait!
  20. nelsone

    Cherry stain or dye on hard maple

    I would highly recommend using dye. I used transtint when I was making some built in units that had both maple hardwood and maple plywood. The dye shows the grain, but avoids the blotching. Looks terrible when the dye is applied, but after about 3 coats of poly everything popped.

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