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  1. Learning & Turning

    Learning & Turning

    There's always something new to's the evidence.
  2. CommGuy107

    Shop help, trade for lessons,Wood,or tools

    Wish I lived closer. I'd work for lessons...
  3. CommGuy107

    New project...Bubinga Grand Auditorium acoustic

    Nice job so far. Please keep us posted with progress pics. Dan
  4. CommGuy107

    What equipment should I keep? have the gamut of responses. Does it help? Sell your duplicates if you have to, but be careful not to get down the road a bit and turn around looking for a tool you used to have. They're tools. Not out of fashion Hawaiian shirts or something.
  5. CommGuy107

    Help with Router Fence

    Thanks, Dirk.
  6. CommGuy107

    Help with Router Fence

    Great idea, Mike. That's pretty much what people are selling material-wise. I just asked my son to pick some up for me - he's a metal fabricator out on a parts run at the moment.
  7. CommGuy107

    One Year To Go For the Half Century Mark

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being one of those couples that defies the odds and sticks with one another. Now in our 37th year, my wife and realize we are a bit of an anomaly. But we are a HAPPY anomaly.
  8. CommGuy107

    Help with Router Fence

    Well...that's certainly a simple and workable solution. Thanks, Joe!
  9. CommGuy107

    Help with Router Fence

    I have a simple Porter Cable Benchtop Router Table (698). Suits my needs most of the time, but I'd like something more stable and precise than its 2-piece fence and vacuum port. Can someone recommend a good aftermarket fence for a 20" (ish) table?
  10. CommGuy107

    Anyone have a Supermax 25 Double Drum Sander

    I guess I so rarely do pieces larger than 10" I never noticed. Now I'll have to try just to see.
  11. CommGuy107

    Anyone have a Supermax 25 Double Drum Sander

    I have a 10/20, and love it. Out of curiosity, why don't you want another open end model?
  12. CommGuy107

    Rare Tool Gloat

    Good for you...great score!
  13. CommGuy107

    Hello from Ft Bragg/Fayetteville

    Welcome, Tyler. I live on the edge of Ft. Bragg. I'm not much of a hand tool expert, but I have tools...and hands. Maybe we could hook up sometime.
  14. CommGuy107

    Smithshop V or VII worth the price?

    I've used a Shopsmith for the last 12 years or so. Like others have noted, the need to reconfigure for various functions is there. Whether a hindrance or not is debatable. For a few years I had two Shopsmiths after buying one from a neighbor whose failing eyesight made woodworking an unsafe...
  15. CommGuy107

    Miters, Accuracy and Indulgence

    After a good bit of research, collecting of opinions, and shopping the best deals, I settled on a miter guide for my table saw: The Osborne EB-3. A little spendy on the utility tool side, but it appears to be worth the accuracy for my needs. Of course, no sooner did I order the Osborne...
  16. CommGuy107

    Tool Gloat

    Nice! Congratulations.
  17. CommGuy107

    Just a simple segmented pen

    I just came back to look at this again...and finally caught the pick guard pieces as separators. I was so busy admiring the pen the first time, I guess I skimmed the reading portion. Very creative.
  18. CommGuy107

    Some Times the Drill Bit Gets Stuck in Surgery, too (warning, may be disturbing)

    I understand some of my post-op pain differently now.
  19. CommGuy107

    New to NCWW from the Sandhills

    Welcome, Pete! I just joined a few months ago, myself. Couldn't ask for a more helpful bunch of people.

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