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    Removing wax from table top

    I just built a dinning room table and sprayed the top with General Finishes High Performance satin wb finish. I then applied a coat of paste wax to the top. Just plain old Johnson's paste wax. I then realized that I needed to build up the top coat more. What's the best stuff to use to remove the...
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    What to do with spare parts?

    After making a few rocking chairs from wine barrels what do you do with the spare barrel heads, staves and hoops? You make a table! The card part is finding rivets so you can make the hoops smaller. I found #10 galvanized steel rivets at Holcomb Hardware on Main Street Mt. Airy under about an...
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    Wine barrel rocking chairs

    A friend brought me some wine barrels and wanted rocking chairs made from them. Beautiful, knot free 1 1.4" thick french oak but absolutely no straight edges or flat surfaces. Put together with stainless steel screws and finished with spar varnish. The dark stain is red wine.
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    Recycled Church Pews

    A friend brought me three 10' long church pews. He wanted them cut down to 4' long and build a table from the remaining wood. The catch was he wanted to keep the finish that was on the pews. The pews had been used in his church for over 60 years. When I removed one of the ends 2 pennies from...
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    Wine Cases

    Just built these for a local winery. Made of pine with no finish. The 6 bottle case had to hold any type bottle they used. I came up with a cradle to hold a 875ml Port bottle. The 12 bottle case will hold all their wines except champagne or port. Used brass pins for the lid hinges and brass...
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    I love scrap wood

    A local winery built an outside bar and asked me if I could shelves in the barrels that are underneath the bar. It was an experience cutting wood that is held together by that much tension. I used pressure treated decking for the shelves attached to a cleat screwed to the sides of the barrel...
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    The Ever Shrinking Entertainment Center

    How many of you remember when you planned to build an entertainment center that would hold all those components for your sound system. You remember the custom fitted cubby holes for the McIntosh amp and pre-amp, Sansui receiver, Denon turntable, Akai tape deck and Bose 901's. Not to mention...
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    One mans trash is another mans treasure

    My son's boss told him to take these pieces and burn them, Instead he brought them to me. This is what I built from one of the pieces. Solid Oak, hand planed and scraped the old finish off and cut out the rot. Finished with General Finishes Enduro-Var.
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    Bar Stools and I'm gettin paid for them!

    A local winery commissioned me to build a couple of stools for their tasting room. They are oak stained with General Finishes medium brown dye stain and WB poly. The seat are woven with binder cane. 29" tall, the seat is 14"x16". It's been a while since I've caned a seat. Forgot how long it took.
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    Lighted Bottle Stand

    I turned a lighted stand for a bottle I sandblasted the other day. I drilled a hole in the center of the stand to hold a LED pocket flashlight I picked up at Advance Auto. The wood is a chunk of poplar fire wood and finished with super glue sanded to 1000 grit and carnuba wax. It...
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    Mirror in a box lid

    Haven't posted anything lately because I've been playing with some new toys. I've been sandblasting. Here's a box I made for a friend for her daughter. The box is SYP 7"x9"x3" with satin poly. The mirror in the lid is 4"x6" sandblasted twice from the back. 1st blast for the purple dragon, then...
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    Always wanted to try this

    Ever have a strange idea and wanted to try it? This one came out pretty good. I made a small box out of spatled maple about 6"x8"5" for a friend's wife. Took some of her family photos and etched them on a piece of copper. Filled the etched image with white epoxy resin, tarnished the copper with...
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    Jump rope handle

    My wife owns a gym so I'm repairing stuff there all the time. Last night she brought home a jump rope with a broken handle and asked if I could fix it. A new challenge! The rope is plastic with a molded end so it does not slip through the hole in the handle, obviously it was molded after the...
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    Should I pursue this?

    Most of us here do woodworking just for the love of it, not to make money. I build stuff for the experience or for gifts. I had several small projects I had cluttering up the house so I set up a table at my wife's business to sell these pieces. The pieces were pens, bottle stoppers, small boxes...
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    A card scraper?

    I admit that I know enough about turning to be dangerous. I crank up my lathe about once every 3 months. Not enough to stay in practice. I've been playing with a bowl I roughed out about a year ago. After throwing out of the lathe twice and glueing it back together it became a practice piece...
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    Adventures in steam bending

    Been attempting to build a contemporary style Windsor office chair. Started bending the pieces for the back today. I spent most of Sunday afternoon figuring out how to make my form. Glued and screwed 2 pieces of particle board together for the form. Made a pattern for the curve of the chair...
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    My first real chair!

    Last summer I bought a copy of John Alexander's "Making a Chair from a Tree". This past spring I got a red oak log and started making a chair from a tree. Made a modification to the plans. Changed the way the front top rail was made, more like the way Brian Boggs makes his. (Thanks for letting...
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    Trophy Cases

    I got volunteered to build trophy cases for the school our 3 grandsons attend. This was the biggest project I've ever built. The cases are 7' 4" tall and 6' wide. Made of birch with a cherry stain. It was a challenge making these in my small shop. Got lucky unloading these at the school. My...
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    Bought John Alexander's DVD "Make a Chair From a Tree" and decided to give it a try. Split the billets out of a 30" red oak log. Yes I cheated guys, removed most of the excess wood from the billets with my band saw, then finished them up on the shaving horse with a drawknife. Sorry St...
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    Glass for a Trophy Case

    My son-in-law volunteered me to build a couple of trophy cases for my grandson's school. We're in the planning stages. These things will be big (7' tall x 6' wide) with a lot of glass. The doors will be sliding glass panels. All the track I've found is for 1/4" thick glass. Any one know what...

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