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  1. shawn

    Woodmaster 725 drumsander

    I recently purchased the drum sander attachment for my woodmaster planer. It came with a roll of mirka 80 and 120 grit paper. I was impressed with the performance of the paper. What do you use and where do you buy it? I want to buy bulk rolls online. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  2. shawn

    mounting sand paper on drum sander-a video

    Mounting non-hook and loop paper to hook and loop drum.
  3. shawn

  4. shawn

  5. shawn

  6. shawn

  7. shawn

    bowl blanks?

    I have some dogwood and crape myrtle I was thinking of cutting into bowl blanks. I don't have a lathe, so I was wondering if anyone here would be interested.
  8. shawn

    eucalyptus slabs

    These are some slabs I brought with me from Tucson. The first and third are shortly after I milled them in Tucson. The middle was taken while running it through a planer here in New Bern.
  9. shawn

    Just picked up some machinery...

    I just acquired a few machines, one of which is a S.A. Woods f99 16" jointer. I finished reassembly yesterday, except for the motor, its locked up. The cutter head runs on Babbitt bearings and I was wondering if anyone here has experience with them, i.e. lubrication. the head seems snug enough...
  10. shawn

    Hi all...

    New to the site. My name is Shawn and my wife, daughter and and I moved to New Bern in June of '16 from AZ. I've been woodworking for roughly 35 years now. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a piece of property with shop space, so my machines are sitting dormant.:( I was wondering if there are...

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