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  2. bluedawg76

    Matching Paint

    paint chip for sure. Sherwin Williams is usually very good at this. White paint can be hard to match b/c it doesn't take much to yellow a tinge (oil, dirt, etc.) which can vary a lot within the same room. I'd plan on painting the trim along the whole wall rather than a spot or two which may...
  3. bluedawg76

    Diamond Sharpener

    i spray on plain water and wipe it off. helps to float off the debris. I have a little rust around the edges of the plates I've had for a few years. No issues with rust on my blades
  4. bluedawg76

    What kind of mallet for cutting dovetails do you use?

    ditto. I also use it for mortises
  5. bluedawg76

    Hand Plane Restoration Help

    it's funny how different people's experiences are. For me, wax is awful -paste wax, paraffin wax, just no luck. I easily get rust. WD40 does well, but the residue I don't care for. They (WD40) actually make a dry lubricant (PTFE I thnk) that I use for my TS and jointer surfaces (and bike...
  6. bluedawg76

    Saw Sets

    my saw set is from LV and I've been happy with it. I'm pretty sure it's the finer one, but I think it's plenty of set for even a larger rip saw ~6 tpi. I don't think this is one of those items where there's much distinction between new or vintage. just get whichever one is easiest/cheapest to...
  7. bluedawg76

    Do you use hand planes?

    bench planes -flattening, truing an edge, surface prep, chamfers and bevels router plane -joinery like dressing tenon cheeks, smoothing out dados block plane - knocking down high spots, removing glue, chamfers and bevels rabbet plane -rabbets, moldings and other edge work hollows and rounds...
  8. bluedawg76

    Replacing a Deadbolt

    1) you can re-key the lock instead -either a locksmith or you can buy a kit to do this. Just follow the instructions and don't the let pins and springs shoot out....BTDT. 2) The alternative would be a router. Use a rabbet bit that will give you a 1/32" enlargement and then follow w/ a flush...
  9. bluedawg76

    Waterlox Varnish

    varnish doesn't really penetrate into the wood -it's a film on top. that's ok b/c it provides good protection. Number of coats really depends. I look for an even sheen under raking (low angle) light. Steel wool will smooth it out, but depending on how much finish build you have, you can sand...
  10. bluedawg76

    Traditional/historic furniture vs. modern/post modern/abstract...

    Re: an answer, but not to the question you asked... Totally agree. I think some (young) folks tend to think of solid, hand-crafted furniture as "country" -big and cumbersome. Craftsman/mission styles come to mind as unappealing. Modern styles are lighter in both design and color, simpler...
  11. bluedawg76

    Wood River #5 Plane

    keys to a good bench plane based on my (limited) experience: 1) small/tight mouth 2) sole needs to be parallel at toe, around the mouth, and heel. nothing else really matters (of course the mentioned areas must be the high points). Personally, I think folks make too much of a big deal on this...
  12. bluedawg76

    Deck Replacement

    I'd talk to your realtor about a good contractor. they likely have someone they trust who is not the cheapest, but does good work. Contractor will get the permits, not you. Also, since it's via your realtor, you could hold off on the work and have the quote handy for negotiations once you're...
  13. bluedawg76

    Dovetail Stool

    lookin' good!
  14. bluedawg76

    Moisture meters II

    I think I have the same meter from Ligno. Would have to disagree on the difficulty of using though, never recall any issues inserting the pins? As far as meter choice, as long as the meter is consistent over the range of interest (8-15%), I think you're be fine. For me, above 15%, I don't...
  15. bluedawg76

    Moisture Meter Questions

    I like the pin style ones personally. probably a worthwhile investment for that much lumber.
  16. bluedawg76

    Paint over Wallpaper

    considering they're having the interior painted, then yes, I would have the wallpaper removed. Well worth the money IMO. If I was doing the painting myself, I'd consider paying someone to remove the wallpaper and skim coat the walls. I really dislike removing wallpaper.
  17. bluedawg76

    Sale of wood furniture?

    as someone else said, most shoppers of craigslist, consigment sales, etc. are looking for a bargain -not high end stuff, and certainly not high end prices. Price it to sell and don't let you ego get in your way. Alternatively, neighbors/friends may be interested. For me, I'd just want to make...
  18. bluedawg76

    Plane lubrication

    I've always found beeswax to be much harder? YMMV It's 3 in 1 or some british version of light duty machine oil. That's where I first saw it.
  19. bluedawg76

    "Green" products

    methylene chloride would need to be listed b/c it's hazardous
  20. bluedawg76

    Shellac Mixing: What do I use to dissolve flakes and cut premixed shellac?

    i've come to really like the zinnser stuff. I do a fair amount of shellac only finishes and will use either the seal coat (dewaxed) or regular (waxed) stuff. Has some retarder in it that makes it a bit more forgiving than just ethanol. I tend to like the waxed stuff better. I think it's...

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