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  1. Handturnedbowls

    New cedar vase

    I dont make a habit of posting my work, and usually put some of the good ones in my gallery. But I am amazed at the colors that cedar produces in bowls. They look like they are on fire. I wish I had my original size of this photograph but I scaled it down to fit at my website. Dave O - I...
  2. Handturnedbowls

    Ceramic Grinding wheel

    I recently got a set of 3 ceramic grinding stones. I didnt realize what I had until I looked up the number from Norton. Their signature color is purple. I have never found a wheel that cuts as good as this, with virtually no heat generation. Now I dress my tools using this wheel exclusively...
  3. Handturnedbowls

    Bowl Finishing

    Re: Eastern Cedar Question Dave some people will probably think me excentric, but the process I use to finish my bowls is quite convoluted. I include finishing my work on the lathe, all the way to the final coats of poly if I use it. I sand thru at least 5 grits finishing with 320 or 400...
  4. Handturnedbowls

    Spalted Red Oak available - cad

    I have a scanner in my den; I don’t listen to it for entertainment or even on a regular basis. It sits next to my wife's chair and she normally is monitoring it every evening. It distracts me when I try to listen to the TV. I can’t disseminate two streams of audio to my brain for some reason. I...
  5. Handturnedbowls

    Laser pointer for Boring tool - cad

    I looked off and on for months to find an economical quality laser pointer or, sight to use with my vessel boring tool. I basically gave up a while back because all I found that was a decent price only came with a momentary switch. If you did find one with a on/off switch, it was rediculously...
  6. Handturnedbowls

    Boring system in action

    As promised, I took photos of my boring tool in action. Instead of spending all afternoon uploading individual pics in a gallery, I assembled the photos in a pdf document with captions. Its in the download section, under shop fixtures and jigs. cad
  7. Handturnedbowls

    New download - Boring system drawings

    I looked a long time to find what I deemed the perfect boring system. There are plenty out there, but none fit my bill. I have 23 yrs experience in tool and die, machining and engineering so I am quite picky on that aspect. I decided to design one that met my criteria: - Heavy enough to absorb...
  8. Handturnedbowls

    First turned bowl part 2

    Re: First turned bowl There are rare cases when a person is exposed to it first hand it triggers the gene to life. My wife, bless her heart, was the first to notice. She asked me why I started wearing sweat shirts and loose clothing all the time. I told her it allowed curls and chips to fall...
  9. Handturnedbowls

    Good use for an old forgotton appliance

    Some of my turned items just didnt lend themselves to be finished on the lathe for one reason or another. That meant I had to apply finish coats in a manual manner. This is VERY difficult, no matter how patient you are. I am fond of spray finishes because it is easier to apply it evenly, but...
  10. Handturnedbowls

    Rev 2 of "How to cut logs for bowl Blanks"

    I have edited the tutorial "How to cut logs for bowl blanks" to include when you should stop cutting if you want a blank to make a natural edged bowl. The time stamp on this new rev is 1-26-06. cad
  11. Handturnedbowls

    New tutorial 1-26-05 in download section

    I have been asked more than any other question about my bowls, how do I cut the log up to get my bowl blanks. For the benefit of anyone mildly interested or who genuinely want to start gathering their own turning material, I deposited a new visual tutorial on each step to get the most out of...
  12. Handturnedbowls

    Tutorial available in download section

    At the behest of Cskipper (Cathy) and a few other members I was motivated to spend some time today making a tutorial on making lathe tools yourself. This tutorial is a pdf file. It covers obtaining tool steel, where to get it, how to shape it, harden it and anneal it, then mount it in a handle...
  13. Handturnedbowls

    Hi from Cad

    Hi everyone! I am James "cad" Holland. I got that nickname from being a CAD designer/programmer for 23 yrs. That will end Feb 2006 though, and I have been putting some serious effort into my woodturning. I have loved woodworking since I was old enough to borrow my dad's saw and hammer. I made...

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