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  1. schmidtsp3

    Bessey Clamps Cleanup

    I have several bessey (and stabil) clamps that I use for bandsaw box glue-ups and I invariably get glue drippings on the bars. I'm in need of cleanup suggestions and suggestions about avoiding the mess on the bars altogether. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks Steve
  2. schmidtsp3

    Planer/Jointer Tabletop Recommendations

    I have a small shop and can't accommodate a standard planer or jointer. I would appreciate recommendations for a combo tabletop planer/ jointer. I do small projects, bandsaw boxes and scrollsaw ornaments and birdhouses. Buying project ready hardwoods is getting expensive. Thanks Steve
  3. schmidtsp3

    New to the Sunny Scrollers group

    Hello, my name is Steve. I've been interested in woodworking for many years. Started by building a deck, shed and porch. Moved into furniture and stuff built out of spruce and pine (cheap materials). In 1982 I got involved in RC model airplanes. My last big woodworking project was a maple...

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