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    Finishes Seminar Interest - Updated

    Re: Finishes Seminar Interest I would like to attend the seminar. Thanks for organizing the seminar. Jim
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    Spray finishing class?

    I am also interested in learning spraying. Count me in. Jim
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    Greensboro Lunch Bunch Time

    I will come for lunch. Please reserve 2 boxs of 100, 2 boxes of 150, 1 box of 220 and 1 box of 320 for me. Thanks. Qui
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    DIY Wipe-On Poly?

    Is it okay to spray the thinned poly with hvlp turbine system? Thanks. Qui
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    How to apply water based paste grain filler?

    Bill, Thanks for the suggestions. I went Greensboro Woodcraft. But, they did not have oil based filler. I will try to use water based filler tomorrow to see what is going to look like. Regards. Qui
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    How to apply water based paste grain filler?

    Happy Easter Sunday! I am currently try to finish a mahagny table top. I alreay applied a water dye and a layer of shellec. I was originally thinking of using oil based paste filler, but could not find it. Is it oaky to use water based paste filler on top of shellec? I read that water grain...
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    Greensboro lunch bunch Thursday ?

    I will try to come. Qui
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    How to flaten a table top for finishing

    Thanks all for the great ideas. I used a comobinations of planing and sanding. I am getting there gradually. I will post pictures once the table is done. Regards. Qui
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    How to flaten a table top for finishing

    Hello, I have glued up a 52" round table top out of mahagny. After the glue cured, I found the two of the glue lines are not even. What are the best ways to flaten the glue lines? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks and best wishes. Qui
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    Triad Shop Crawl First Stop

    Thanks for the offer. I am coming to. Please let me know If I can bring anything. I am also thiniking of building a shop. Your shop should be an inspiration to me. Thanks. Qui
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    March 12 Sharpening Workshop

    Re: Starting list for March Sharpening Workshop Thanks. I really want to learn how to shapen tools. Put my name on your list. Qui
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    Crown on a Bandsaw Tire

    Thanks for all discussions. The saw is a 20" bandsaw. The old tires had crowns. The wheels don't. The new tires are flat and don't have crowns. I already have the tires installed. I will try to run it. The primary use for the saw will be resawing. I have another 14" bandsaw. Regards. Qui
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    Welding a Bandsaw Blade

    I am thinking of buying a carbide tipped Lenox blade at a very good price. The problemm is that the blade is too long for my saw. Is there a place near High Point/Greensboro that can shorten and reweld the blade? Any information is greatly appreciated. Qui
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    Crown on a Bandsaw Tire

    Thanks for all the responses. I heard that the crown is for blade tracking. Without a crown, the blade may wander back and forth. Is this true? Thanks.
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    Crown on a Bandsaw Tire

    I need to replace the old rubber bandsaw tiles on my bandsaw.The old tiles have crowns on them. But, the new urethane tiles don't. The question is: Can I put them on? Will the blade track okay? Thanks for all answers. Have a nice and quite Sunday. Qui
  16. uniswa 2

    uniswa 2

    pic 1
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    Pieces that I built

    Thanks all for the encouragements. I am in the process of building a Shaker style blanket chest. Once it is done, I will post it here. Have a great hot (100 F) day. Qui
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    Pieces that I built

    Since I am on vacation this week, I want to share with fellow North Carolina Woodworker'ers some of the pieces I have built. First one is a chest of drawers built for daughter. All the parts are made with maple. She chooses the finish. Second piece is a blanket chest based on the plan found...
  19. Blanket Chest

    Blanket Chest

    Maple wood is used
  20. Furniture I Built

    Furniture I Built

    I Built

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