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  1. Danny Batchelor

    Restored Jet saw

    Great job! Looks like you have a lot of wood to saw. Your wood rack runneth over.
  2. Danny Batchelor

    Using epoxy and fiberglass

  3. Danny Batchelor

    Using epoxy and fiberglass

    So how do you use baby powder?
  4. Danny Batchelor


    Yes, I got a peek at his shop last week when I went to Pittsboro to pick up the box jig I had bought from him. The shop tour was definitely worth the drive. One thing that stood out was the placement of his dust collector nearly in the center of his almost square shop. Great idea! It was...
  5. Danny Batchelor

    Added lighting...

    Anybody have any experience with these: They say they generate 15,000 lm. Screw into a basic lightbulb socket.
  6. Danny Batchelor

    Shiplap in the shop

    That looks great. Far better than OSB.
  7. Danny Batchelor

    Construction lumber prices

    Every year I go to Brooks Contracting, in Goldston, and get a utility trailer load of compost to spread around my foundation plants and for my raised bed garden. This year I was charged $40. Last year I paid $32 for the same trailer load. When I complained about the price, I was told it was...
  8. Danny Batchelor

    Plane Hammer

    Beautiful. I’m sure your planes will enjoy being adjusted with that.
  9. Danny Batchelor

    ALL CLAIMED: 5/8" PREFINISHED Baltic Birch Plywood (4x8)

    I can take two of those for $80. I can come up any dry day. I’m just 30 miles south of you.
  10. Danny Batchelor

    Miter Saw Station

    Bas, did you fabricate the metal piece or buy it ready made?
  11. Danny Batchelor

    Cutting small parts on a TS

    Charlie mentioned he could cut pieces as small as 3/16”. He can. You should try to get a nickel tour of his TS operation.
  12. Danny Batchelor

    Trout Landing Net

    I would suggest epoxy. Longer open work time, waterproof and can be thicken in the event you need expansion between strips. Should you choose epoxy, you would need to varnish finished product to prevent delamination.
  13. Danny Batchelor

    Bronze & Maple Burl Coffee Tamper

    That makes a great gift!
  14. Danny Batchelor

    Vise workshop second prototype

    Vise is beautiful. You have done a great job documenting it as well. The photographs are excellent.
  15. Danny Batchelor

    New-to-me 10" jointer restored

    A very stocky beauty.
  16. Danny Batchelor

    Falling a Walnut Tree

    Bob, give Percy Flowers a call; sawyer east of Carthage. He is a mature guy with lots of info. 910-947-2642. He may have a tree service recommendation. If not give Caleb a call at Dave’s Trees. 910-603-7177
  17. Danny Batchelor

    Post Covid Workshop - List attached - SOLD OUT

    Thank you. I hope to see you before, but for certain, I’ll see you in June.
  18. Danny Batchelor

    Klingspors Virtual Extravaganza 2020

    Good opportunity for boat building and it’s always good working with Phil. (And as usual, lunch was excellent.) I would like to see a close up of the stems.
  19. Danny Batchelor

    Input required

    I volunteer at the Sandhills Habitat, which is headquartered in Moore County and they build houses in Richmond County as well. They are soon to start construction in Hoke County. I recently was asked by a member of the Development Committee to make model homes on a plaque for presentation to...

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