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  1. charlie jones

    Sander and planer gloat

    Great score. I have one of these planers. It is a nice machine.
  2. charlie jones

    Dust Build-up in CV1800 - Suggestions?

    He can check for leaks. Mine will build up a little when working with pine. He can spray a little WD-40 in the ducts to get rid of static. I looked at the pictures but I am not a member of that forum.
  3. charlie jones

    Dust Collection Duct Layout Advice Needed

    That’s a very good good layout. I didn’t see a planer. One suggestion, put the blast gate within easy reach.
  4. charlie jones

    Interest in a marketing class?

    Are you a full time woodworker? That could be anything from milling lumber to setting cabinets, from selling tools to making furniture or anything related. YES -Maybe soon.Part time now. Are you self employed? Not now but soon Do you sell your work in stores, galleries, craft fairs, or...
  5. charlie jones

    Using the whole sanding disc

    I have the same problem with my chisels. the handle is on the wrong end about half the time. I just bought 2 sets and if one is turned the wrong way I use the other set!
  6. charlie jones

    Advice needed on Random Orbit sander

    One word "Bosch"
  7. charlie jones

    Stihl 461 chainsaw fail

    We sell Stihll at our stores. We don't see this kind of problem often. Most of the time it's because of improper fuel mixture. Try adding a little more oil to the mix and do not overheat the saw. I have a 066 that has been in hard use for 20 years and still has 135 lbs of compression. They can...
  8. charlie jones

    The Next Project

    Very nice Don. I like simple and elegant designs.
  9. charlie jones


  10. charlie jones


    Last night I got all the bolts tightened, belts, guards and dust chute installed. I checked adjustment and cleaned the oil off the bed and cutter head and waxed the bed, lubed everything and did a few test cuts. The machine seems to be everything I had hoped. Very good surfacing. It does make...
  11. charlie jones

    One Blade To Rule Them All?

    I use a Freud Premier Fusion for most everything unless I need to cut PT or something dirty. Then I get out an old blade.
  12. charlie jones


    Having done quite a bit of sandblasting, Blasting is dirty and hard and doing small tubes like that uses an exorbant amount of sand. I sometimes use a paint that NAPA sells that goes over rust. You have to get the loose stuff off then brush on two coats. It is called "Chassis Saver"
  13. charlie jones


    That is good advise. The manual said that also but I thought it would be easier to tighten the bolts before I mounted the machine. I could not get the four bolts that hold the planer to the stand to line up so I loosed them again. The holes were off by .5 or more so I had to redrill two of them...
  14. charlie jones


    Got the stand assembled and the motor mounted to it. There were 48 bolts and nuts and 12 pieces. The parts were all there and in good shape.
  15. 1037Z stand

    1037Z stand

  16. charlie jones


    The truck arrived yesterday afternoon with the planer. The driver helped me slide it into the bed of my pickup. After church I got a friend to come by and help me get it into the shop. I was concerned because there was two damaged places in the box where it was hit with a forklift. I thought it...
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