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  1. JCraig

    Pecan logs, are they worth having sawed for lumber?

    Next door neighbor had a pecan tree cut down. Has two logs that he said if I wanted I could have. Estimate approx 175 board feet when and if sawed up. Question: Are they worth having cut up into lumber? And, what is pecan usually used for? I received a quote of $500.00 to have them cut into...
  2. JCraig

    Infrared Gas or Blue Flame Gas for shop.

    Had one of my neighbors stop by today and pose a question. He wants to run natural gas to his shop (17X24) one bay in a 3 car garage. Insulated and partitioned from the other two bays. He wants to know which would be the best gas heater to purchase. Infrared Gas or a Blue Flame gas heater...
  3. JCraig

    Pie Safe for my niece

    My niece was over at our house with her dad a few weeks back and saw the pie safe that I had built for my wife. She ask me where I had bought it and my wife told her I had built it. She asked if I could build her one. That's when her dad jumped in the conversation and offered to go secure...
  4. JCraig

    Hawk scroll

    Don't know if this a deal or not. Not mine. Just came on CL about 30 min ago.
  5. JCraig

    Festool Plunge Saw on CL

    Not mine.
  6. JCraig

    Thickness Sander WIP

    With the help of a couple of NCWW'ers I have started building a thickness sander. Bill Clemmons was so kind as to send me an email one afternoon with a picture of a partially built drum sander that was probably abandoned 25 years ago. Said he was going to an auction and if I wanted him to...
  7. JCraig

    New toy today

    Picked this up today. Got the saw a few weeks back
  8. JCraig

    Delta's new Plant in South Carolina Thought this was interesting.
  9. JCraig

    Cast Iron Extension Table

    I recently purchased at Delta 36-650 Contractors Saw. I have been trying to locate some CI Ext. Tables. Would anyone have any suggestion as to where I might find these. I was able to get this saw at a really good price, so I was, at the time not concerned about CI wings. But, I saw Mike...
  10. JCraig

    Steel City Saw $800

    Not mine. Don't know if this is a good deal or not.
  11. JCraig

    Free Furniture Making Stuff

    I had an opportunity to visit an old former cabinet making shop yesterday. There is veneer, raised panels, cabinet material, MDF, Hardboard, Chair Frames, Rolled Veneer and a number of other related items. Below is the link telling about it from yesterday. I talked with the folks that own...
  12. JCraig

    Side Table for LOML

    My wife had been wanting a table to go beside her recliner for several months. The one she had was way too small for the magazines and books she likes to read. Fortunately, Bill Clemmons was kind enough to give me a few pieces of oak back several months ago, so I decided that this was the...
  13. JCraig

    Roy Underhill goes 21st century

    Roy Underhill goes 21st Century Good Ole Roy
  14. JCraig

    Lion Gloat

    Found this at Habitat For Humanity (Re-Store) in Greensboro, NC today. Just walked in and there it was on the shelf waving at me. The price was right $15.00 View image in gallery
  15. JCraig

    Bill Clemmons this one's for you

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Stanley # 2 we talked about at lunch the other day. View image in gallery View image in gallery Found this Stanley # 2 at a yard sale in Wilmington, NC for $3.00 Turned a temporary knob. Will need to locate an original. Mike Davis is helping me with...
  16. JCraig

    Pie Safe - Finished

    Finally got around to finishing the pie safe I have been working on. Made a few mistakes, but most were not noticeable when finished. At least I've learned from the experience. "I'll know the same mistakes next time":gar-La; View image in gallery
  17. JCraig

    Tool Gloat

    Thanks to Bwat for posting a listing off C/L today, and thanks to my son RCFlyer23 in Davidson for calling me and telling me about it. I was able to pick this up today for $100.:gar-Bi View image in gallery View image in gallery Thanks Bwat and thanks RCFlyer23. It looks like new. Had...
  18. JCraig

    Pie Safe

    finally ready for stain and inserting tin in the doors. Now on to punching 350 holes in each of the 6 panels. View image in gallery
  19. JCraig

    Cigar Box Lamp

    A couple of months ago, I was at my sons home in Wilmington, NC and noticed he had been saving some of the boxes from the cigars he had bought. I thought some of them would make a neat lamp for his game room. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  20. JCraig

    Pie Safe Progress

    Got a little time today to work on the pie safe. Was able to get doors made and top glued up and sanded. View image in gallery Doors will have punched tin, pineapple pattern View image in gallery I have not fastened top to the safe yet, still need to do more sanding.

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