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    New Supermax 19-38 Changing Paper Issues

    Agree with the stretch conclusion based on my 22-44 Jet. Origin of initial slack might be coming from both ends at the angle the paper makes from drum to holding clamp. A crisp angle when mounting the paper might minimize the issue. Also agree with a light touch in using. In cleaning up...
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    Kitchen knife blanks?

    I've made six knives from Ron Hock's blades. The steel work is excellent, and Ron's got them really sharp. Instructions with them are straightforward such that any woodworker skill level can do it. His plane blades work well, too, and are ready to use out of the box. Harlan
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    Happy Birthday Alan in Little Washington

    Happy birthday, Alan. They're increasingly worth celebrating! Harlan
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    And I'm old enough to remember the CRC Handbook.
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    Power Tool Table Polish

    Another vote for Topcote, errr Glide Coat. Using it for about 18 years now. And when used on something like a laminate/formica outfeed table, it really makes those surfaces slick.
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    Shop Build

    Looks like your dream shop taking shape. With the tight structure, and the dust vacuum outside, need to have a return air (to inside) to balance the vac's CFM. I'd advise more lighting than you think you need if you plan to get old in that shop. I doubled code on staggered circuits, and now...
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    Bubinga slab wanted

    Might give World Timber a call. They import. Website is Located in Hubert, NC near Jacksonville, NC.
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    New Style Unisaw

    I second the use of "Wixey" to do accurate setups regardless of the mechanicals involved. it's a direct "Pre-Post" set of measurements independent of all the other variables. I have found surprisingly many other uses of this tool outside machine set up.
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    You've been watching me.
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    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    Ditto experiences with my 22-44, very light on the passes with max speed which is governed electronically. One further note is that there is some "spring" in the conveyor and platen. For my final pass I take it without any adjustment to the thickness and it cleans up nicely.
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    Powermatic jointer

    I also joint boards wider than 6 in in my 6in jointer. I use the jointed surface as a reference to hand-plane that last inch or two, then the thickness planer can true everything up with a flip or two in the next step. Just don't have the floor space for anything larger than my PM54.
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    Be careful....

    My fortunately minor injuries from machines have each come from one of two situations; being a bit tired or getting in a hurry. At my advanced age now I have learned to walk away when I sense either, to return sometime later, afresh.
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    Physics, Sculpture and WW'ing

    Fascinating. His website is Lots of videos of his pieces there that I find intoxicating to watch. Thanks for the tip. Harlan
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    Wall Tool Cabinet - Progress report

    Thank you. Terrific Tool Cabinet.
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    Wall Tool Cabinet - Progress report

    Inspiring solution, Phil. Hope you don't mind some copying of some of the ideas. Any idea where one might find those robust piano hinges today? Thanks for sharing. Harlan
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    Latest Harpsichords

    Pleased to see you and Sandy are still making these classics. Have you kept count of the total? Harlan
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    Tea table

    What a prize! I like the design of the legs. Beefy at the right places, then shaped into a nicely refined foot. That should reduce the chance of failure on similar, but more slender legs on tea tables and candle stands configured like this. How would I know this? Congratulations on a notable...
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    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    My Crafstman RAS is 1974 vintage. I made a heavy, stable and flat table for it which improved accuracy over the original flakeboard surface. Following owners' manual procedure for alignments, they can be pretty accurate for crosscutting. Safety issues can be moderated quite a bit by using a...
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    Attaching leather to wood.

    I've used hide glue to fasten baize/felt to an old desk's writing surface and it's held up well. Haven't tried it with leather. If reversibility is an issue, hide glue works well in that regard.
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    Shop Build

    Lighting. You might have a lot of outside light built into your design. We didn't. When we did our "walk thru" with the electrical contractor for our walk-out lower level garage and shop 19 years ago, the contractor said "that's the code level lighting". It was clear with my aging eyes we...

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