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  1. Wiley's Woodworks

    WTB--Wide Spalted Lumber

    I've been commissioned to build a book shelf to match an existing piece. The shelves are spalted poplar. First choice for wood is spalted poplar or spalted maple. Ambrosia maple will work if figure is good. Rough cut dimensions are 5/4 T x 14" W x 10' L. Thanks.
  2. Wiley's Woodworks

    WTB--Wide Spalted Lumber

    I've been commissioned to build a book case to match an existing one. It's made of spalted poplar. The rough boards are 4/4 or 5/4T x 14"W x 10'L. My first choices are either spalted poplar or spalted maple. Ambrosia maple will work if it's got good figure. I live west of Asheville, so...
  3. Wiley's Woodworks

    For Sale: Powermatic 66---$1200 (SOLD?) CL Ad deleted)

    Found this in Asheville CL. Sorry, I can't figure out how to copy and paste exact ad page. Go to CL, click tools, search for Powermatic 66. This older model is one of the best table saws you can buy short of a $3500 Saw Stop. You will be so impressed with how the 5hp motor cuts thicker...
  4. Wiley's Woodworks

    Surfacing Strips For Bent Lamination

    I'm getting ready to cut 10 3.5" wide white oak strips for a glue-up lamination. They will make curved legs for a wall shelf box. My ?: Do I need to surface sand the laminations or can I go straight to glue-up after resawing the strips on my band saw. I get reasonably clean surfaces with the...
  5. Wiley's Woodworks

    Getting Burn Marks From Table Saw

    I'm getting way too many burn marks on hardwoods--white oak, ash, walnut, and even 3/4" plywood from my table saw. I've got a Powermatic 66 with a 5 hp motor and use a Forrest Woodworker II blade. I have no idea why this is happening. My usual suspects are: I'm off on my feed speed. Do I...
  6. Wiley's Woodworks

    Tuning Up A Plane Hack

    I had a reason to tune up 2 planes, and part of the project was leveling and polishing the soles. MAN, THAT IS WORK!! I spent hours on a small block plane just working the sole in the conventional way--progressive grits of sandpaper laid on a granite block. I literally worked until my hands...
  7. Wiley's Woodworks

    Long Term Update On College

    I have been a member of NCWW for two years now, and it has become a valuable resource. I joined at the same time I moved to the mountains and established my company--Wiley's Woodworks. Shortly after I joined I mentioned that I was going to take a woodworking course, and several members asked...
  8. Wiley's Woodworks

    Broken Stanley Block Plane

    I've got a Stanley low angle block plane that has a broken front toe plate. I believe it's a model # 65 because of it's size--6 1/4" sole, 7" oal including depth adjustment screw. The adjustable toe plate is supposed to have a threaded brass stud braised to it that is tightened by the front...
  9. Wiley's Woodworks

    Overspray On Glasses Lenses

    Man, did I screw up. I sprayed 4 coats of an oil-based spar urethane on an outdoor garden bench. I used all the precautions, including a suction spray booth. I still got a very light overspray on my glasses. I can still see through the lenses, but it's like looking through a light fog...
  10. Wiley's Woodworks

    ISO Plug Cutter Set

    I'm having a devil of a time finding a plug cutter set at a reasonable price that has good reviews. If you have had good success without having to resharpen every bit after you bought, let me know the brand and source. Thanks.
  11. Wiley's Woodworks

    Busted Paint Sprayer Hose

    I picked up an old Sherwin Williams compressor with a 25' hose and one sprayer gun. Gun looks to be clean and usable. Now here's the funny part. My wife spotted the hose and had an instant use for it--an extension for her too short outdoor garden hose. Now I don't if the hose was defective...
  12. Wiley's Woodworks

    Need Research Help

    I am enrolled in Haywood Community College's Master Crafts-Wood degree program and will graduate in June. Currently in our business class we are putting together a comprehensive, thorough business plan, suitable for presenting to lenders. Part of the plan is in-depth analysis of woodworking...
  13. Wiley's Woodworks

    Brushless Motors

    When browsing for new tool purchases I am noticing more and more hand power tools using brushless motors, especially battery powered tools. I am convinced the brushless motors are worth the extra expense. What I'm not seeing is brushless motors in corded tools, whether they are hand held or...
  14. Wiley's Woodworks

    Reclaiming Old Oak Office Chair

    I bought one of those old all oak office chairs on spec because I have the matching teacher's desk--the type that used to be made in prisons, and if you're my age was in every classroom at your elementary school. Both are solid oak, some quartersawn, and together look pretty good. The chair...
  15. Wiley's Woodworks

    Sharpening Spokeshaves

    I'm unsuccessful at sharpening two spokeshaves. The blades are so short they don't fit in any plane or chisel sharpening jigs, and I'm not getting a clean hollow ground on a grinder with a tool rest. When I do it gets wiped out on a whet stone because the blade is so short when I try to polish...
  16. Wiley's Woodworks

    Table Saw Blade Issues

    I'm having a devil of a time locating the exact 10" table saw blade I want. Searching Amazon, Klingspor, Rockler, Woodcraft just wore me out, so here are my specs. I'm hoping someone is using what I want. I want a combination type blade that cuts a flat kerf (I cut dovetails and box joints...
  17. Wiley's Woodworks

    Two Problems With Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

    I purchased an entire shop and was so pleased to acquire 3 pieces of machinery in particular: a 5 HP Powermatic table saw, a Laguna 16" band saw, and a Performax 16-32 drum sander. I used the Performax for the 1st time and had a serious problem with it that is not covered in the troubleshooting...
  18. Wiley's Woodworks

    Drill Gauge Pilot Hole Index Question

    I ran across and lost a drill gauge, or maybe it was a screw gauge, that had appropriate pilot hole sizes for various screw sizes. I'm pretty sure it was the Irwin brand, but any brand will do. Where can I find this type of gauge that matches pilot hole drill sizes with screw sizes?
  19. Wiley's Woodworks

    Reducer Connections For Dust Vacuum System

    I'm trying to fit machinery that used to be in a 2 car garage into a 1 car garage with a side room. Floor space is at a real premium. It's looking like the old shop vacuum dust collection system--a large 2 stage Jet standing vacuum with 4" hoses running all around the shop and flow gates on 6...
  20. Wiley's Woodworks

    Dust Collection Setup In New Shop

    I just hauled off and bought an entire woodworking shop. In one fell swoop I got about 80% of what I would actually have after running all over 3 states buying items one or two at a time stretched out over 2 years. Whoopee. My basic problem: I bought a two car garage shop and have a one car...

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