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  1. scsmith42

    QSRO inventory reduction!

    I'm trying to free up some rack space for new inventory, and have massively reduced the following. Approximately 400 board feet of 4/4 and 5/4 quartersawn red oak, character grade (spalting, pin holes, knots), kiln dried, random width from 4" - 10", give or take. Most of these boards have a...
  2. scsmith42

    A very cool table It combines metal and a nice black walnut slab. I really like the look.
  3. scsmith42

    Christmas special on maple

    I have approximately 90 board beet of 7/8" thick kiln dried maple, random widths between 3" - 6", lengths between 7' - 10', with some ambrosia. It's around 6.5% MC and ready to use. First 75 bucks gets all 90 board feet (about 84 cents per board foot), picked up at my shop in New Hill, NC...
  4. scsmith42

    New toyl on the farm!

    Since they say a "picture is worth a thousand words", here you go! Stihl MS880 (the most powerful production chainsaw currently) with a 59" bar. :D
  5. scsmith42

    Discounted for NCWW members only - 4/4 and 5/4 QS red oak character wood - kiln dried.

    I have a few thousand board feet of 4/4 and 5/4 quarter and rift sawn red oak "Character wood", which is lumber that has some bug holes, spalting, etc. in the boards. All of this material is kiln dried and stored in a climate controlled warehouse, and is ready to work! I am offering it at a...
  6. scsmith42

    Advice re proper posting category please

    I have a few thousand board feet of 4/4 and 5/4 quarter and rift sawn red oak "Character wood", which is lumber that has some bug holes, spalting, etc. in the boards. I'd like to offer it at a 50% discount to members of NCWW, but am not sure where to post the offer. Basically all of the lumber...
  7. scsmith42

    GONE! FREE kiln dried FS and QS Red Oak near Apex NC, but there is a catch...

    UPDATE - THIS HAS BEEN DONATED TO A LOCAL WOODWORKING SCHOOL FOR USE BY THE STUDENTS AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. SHOP ORGANIZING!!! You can have approximately 70 board feet of kiln dried red oak - primarily of 5/4 that has been planed to 1-1/8". Some 4/4 as well. FREE Some QS, some FS...
  8. scsmith42

    custom wood turning opportunity for cash

    I have a good customer that is a custom furniture builder in Raleigh. He does not do lathe work but needs about 25 pieces made on a lathe for a project he is working on. Specifically, he needs someone that can take some 3/4" diameter walnut dowel rods that he supplies (24" - 48" length, or...
  9. scsmith42

    The Makers Space - Tool share and workspace rental in Raleigh, NC

    Yesterday I met Matthew and Christopher Booty; proprietors of The Makers Space, a woodworking shop rental business located in North Raleigh near the UPS main terminal. They have a good selection of woodworking shop equipment available, as well as some private shop space that they rent out...
  10. scsmith42

    A pretty cool new hidden fastener technology from Lamello

    Saw this and was impressed. It allows for a totally hidden means of making a machine bolt strength connection.
  11. scsmith42

    New Member seeking assistance - V2

    A few weeks back new NCWW members Tom and Anita Murphy made a post regarding a project that they need help with: Tom and Anita are turners that would like to make a large door (44" x 8 - 9', give or take) to use on a sliding...
  12. scsmith42

    An interesting project that we recently completed

    As some of you are aware, my "day job" is running a farm based sawmill and kiln drying operation in NC. We specialize in milling and slabbing oversized (up to 72" wide) and overlength (up to 58' long) logs, quartersawing and kiln drying. We work with a number of individuals, companies and...
  13. scsmith42

    How do I update my listing under wood suppliers and sawmills?

    I have a new website that is more focused on the local market for milling and drying (, and I'd like to update my supplier listings to include it. Thx! Scott
  14. scsmith42

    A fun project in Greensboro this week

    Earlier this week, with the assistance of my brother in law I retrieved a 24,000 lb red oak log from the Blandwood Mansion and Museum in Greensboro, NC. Blandwood, a National Historical Landmark and also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, dates back to the late 1700's and was...
  15. scsmith42

    Smoking deal on some 8/4 BW shorts

    Cleaning out the shop! I have around 150 -200 board feet of black walnut cut offs. Air dried, followed by kiln sterilization. Most are between 12-18" long, some longer. Thickness around 1-7/8". Great for lathe projects, etc. $1.00 bd ft, but you have to take them all. Scott
  16. scsmith42

    Spalted quartersawn beech available (plane stock)

    I recently milled up a beech log into 3-1/4" thick hand plane blanks, and have 67 board feet of freshly milled, lightly spalted (solid wood - not punky), QS beech left over. It is 3-1/4" thick, random width from 4" - 16" wide, and 80" lengths. It is available for $4.00 bd ft green. It would...
  17. scsmith42

    NCWW member Barbara Foreman in the hospital (b4man)

    It is with regret that I make this post. Earlier today Reggie Medlin called me and asked me to let the NCWW Community know that long time member Barbara Foreman is in the hospital in Greensboro and not doing well. The prognosis is not positive either. Reggie will update this post later...
  18. scsmith42

    A "Texas Medium"....

    A couple of months ago a fellow miller, Frank Seaforth, called me and told me that he was passing along a slabbing opportunity for a 203" circumference black walnut that was practically in my back yard. THANKS FRANK!!!!!! After speaking with the owner's rep, turns out that the tree...
  19. scsmith42

    FREE - ERC scraps

    I have some eastern red cedar scraps that are available for free. They are mainly thin slabs (1/2" or so) that were generated from a recent milling order. Sometimes I have to take a thin cut in order to square up a cant to produce a certain dimension lumber, and these are the result. They are...
  20. scsmith42

    Reopen thread

    I would like to post an update to this thread: Would it be possible for it to be reopened? Thanks much. Scott

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