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  1. Travis Porter

    The never ending kitchen project

    Finally making some noticeable progress in getting this kitchen remodel completed. The kitchen was gutted on 12/31/2017. We are getting close to being done. Here is a before and after picture. The floors were completed today. When I get back from my business trip (in Canada right now)...
  2. Travis Porter

    The never ending kitchen remodel

    Starting to make some progress on getting my kitchen remodel done. The contractor got the new steel I-beam installed. The sheetrock and mudding was completed on Thursday. So on Friday through Sunday, I began working on installing the cabinet boxes. I wonder who did the framing of this...
  3. Travis Porter

    Finger Joint Machine

    Also doubles as a 24" dovetail jig. Price seems a little on the high side though.....
  4. Travis Porter

    Kitchen Remodel update

    My kitchen remodel seems to have come to a standstill. As I noted in my other thread, I am removing a load bearing wall and having a beam installed with a contractor doing all of that work and the sheetrock, trim, floors, etc. I am building all of the cabinetry and doing all of the electric...
  5. Travis Porter

    8/4 Cherry North Raleigh

    I am looking for about 12 BF of 8/4 cherry in the not too far vicinity of North Raleigh. Suggestions on where I can get?
  6. Travis Porter

    Kitchen remode

    Around 3 years ago, my family and I moved from our home way out in northern Wake county that had a wonderful detached 24x32 workshop to a home in north Raleigh where I relegated all of my toyls to the basement. When we lived in Kansas City I had a basement shop, and it wasn't bad, but I had...
  7. Travis Porter

    Good evening

    Hi all. It has been quite awhile. I had about quit woodworking, but I kept all of my toyls. I have taken on a very large project, and it seems I am starting to get the itch back. I will post some progress pics as I get going.
  8. Travis Porter


    I think I want to be removed from the BOD. I will keep the credit card active for 30 days until someone gets a replacement. I will get together the Quickbooks and files.
  9. Travis Porter

    Spring Raffle Online Ticket Sales

    I have just now finished entering and distributing all the raffle tickets. Overall, we haven't done too bad. Rick at Woodworking Source collected $695 in sales for us. Here are the totals - 785 tickets worth $3925. There may possibly be $25 more for one online transaction coming...
  10. Travis Porter

    Raffle Ticket numbers - IMPORTANT

    As of this evening ALL raffle ticket numbers have been distributed via email. If you have not gotten yours, it could be for a number of reasons. We may not have your correct email address on file or maybe it is in a different email that you don't use much anymore. Please verify you have the...
  11. Travis Porter

    Credit Cards

    With the fiasco we have had with Paypal and Google, I think it is about time we migrated to our own credit card processor. Intuit Merchant Services offers this functionality, but it will take some development. This way, we process our credit cards ourselves, and we can tie member information...
  12. Travis Porter

    Ticket sales at the picnic

    I know we are allowing ticket sales at the picnic, for cash only, but how do we want to handle it? Specifically, who and how? Do we want to give each BOD member some tickets and allow them to sell them and collect the stubs and cash or do we want a single soul relegated to the task wearing...
  13. Travis Porter

    WOOD Magazine Back-Issue DVD - Ordered

    We are now closed for requests for the Wood Magazine DVD. I have placed the order tonight. I will let everyone know when I recieve it. I show we have 16 members participating. They are: Jesse Meredith (check) Bas Pluim Patrick Smith Scotty Shepherd Scott Miller Mark Engel R. Scott...
  14. Travis Porter

    NCWW Raffle Festool Kapex

    The Festool Kapex a $1300 miter saw. Again, if you win it, and don't want it, let me know!!!! The Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw in the market today. In the hands of a carpenter, this saw will make cuts that rival the finest trim work being done today. Engineered...
  15. Travis Porter

    NCWW Raffle - Item Description Veritas Medium Shoulder plane

    Check it out. This is one sweet plane and it could be yours for the price of a rafle ticket. Hey, if you win it and don't want it, I will give you $50 for it as it retails for $175 and I am not eligible to participate in the raffle.:tinysmile_cry_t: From the manufacturer: A...
  16. Travis Porter

    Ticket sales

    So far we have $890 in ticket sales from Paypal and Google.
  17. Travis Porter

    Bessey Clamps

    Saw this on Sawmill Creek. Of course, I had to order some myself.:rolleyes:
  18. Travis Porter

    Paypal Raffle issue

    Gentlemen, we have a problem. Paypal has suspended our account as they do not allow raffles. It doesn't matter if it is legal, they do not allow them. So,,,, we need to take out the word raffle anywhere it appears and call it a drawing and/or move off Paypal for this and on to Quicken...
  19. Travis Porter

    3 Sheets of Formica - FREE!!!

    I have 3 sheets of Formica approximately 5 ft by around 8 ft I was given when I was buying some plywood at Wurth Group. It is a reddish brown wood grain. Nothing wrong with it, brand new as far as I can tell. If you want 1 sheet or all of it, you are welcome to it. No shipping. If...
  20. Travis Porter

    It's that time of year again

    Yes, it is. I have come out of remission and have woodguy disease..... The toyls are on their way!!!!!:eusa_danc :banana::banana::banana: :occasion1:occasion1

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