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    Trouble Uploading Photos to Classified Ad

    I am trying to upload two smaill photos to a classified ad I recently submitted, but they will not upload. When I try to upload them to my gallery, they say they are in my queue, but will not show there either... Am I doing something wrong? Michael Stockdale
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    Shop Bench Finally Done...

    I finally finished a cabinet for the shop that has taken over 4 months to complete... Cabinet ply (maple), walnut face, figured maple for the drawer fronts, and a store-bought maple butcher block top... It's 5' wide x 24" deep and has 15 drawers made from 1/2" BB ply. Not fine furniture, but...
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    Source(s) for Steel Barrels

    All, I need to locate a source locally (about 20 miles east of Columbia, SC) for a 30 gallon steel barrel for dust collection use... I can buy one on Amazon and/or Oneida/Penn State, but the shipping cost is almost as much as the barrel. A fiber barrel would also work, but I would prefer...
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    Proud New Owner of a SawStop ICS

    Hey Guys and Gals, At my wife's insistence I finally purchased my SawStop ICS this weekend... I know there are a variety of opinions concerning the SawStop saws, but once my wife saw the hotdog video, it was all over... As I get the 650lb beast out of my trailer (hopefully tomorrow), I will...
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    Freud Router Table

    Got an email yesterday from Woodcraft of Greenville, SC... I've been wanting to build a router table for some time now, but I don't think I could build one for the price they are selling the Freud PKG0031A (Freud Tools - PKG0031A Deluxe Stationary Router Table) ... $349.99! I called and...
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    16/4 Oak

    All, An old and very dear friend of mine (81 years young) needs some 16/4 oak for a project. Any suggestions as to where we might locate some thick stock such as this? We are in Lugoff, SC (about 1.5 hours south of Charlotte), but we are willing to travel several hours if someone can point...
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    Phenolic Ply

    Hello All, I am looking to purchase several sheets of 3/4" phenolic plywood. I know about the stuff Woodcraft sells, but I need full sheets and the stuff they sell is only offered in smaller pieces. I've corresponded with Roberts Plywood in NY, and they will ship me what I want, but the cost...

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