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    Sick of breaking screws

    I just wanted to pass along some helpful information. I've made several boxes over the last few years, and one thing I always dreaded was installing the hinges or locks because the screws were so darn small and weak, they would often break off. Even when I use a steel screw first, I would...
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    Ethan Allen Manufacturing Closing - Auction

    One of my friends sent me this link for an auction of the manufacturing equipment for Ethan Allen furniture in Old Fort., I hope someone can find something that they can use.
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    Steel City 3HP table saw - $950

    Not mine, but looks to be in very good shape.
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    looking for bowl turning blanks

    I've been woodworking for many years now, but never really got into turning. For Christmas, Santa brought me a new Nova chuck for my lathe. So, I am looking for some pretty inexpensive turning blanks for bowls. Just for some practice to begin with. Could someone help point me to a good...
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    How to cut old barn beam

    I am looking for some ideas on how to cut an old barn beam. It is about 12" square, 7' long. I need to cut it length wise to make a couple benches out of it. The thing is real heavy and too big to cut on my band saw. I cannot see where a chain saw would be a clean enough cut, but at this...
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    New Garage

    Hello, I will be moving to a new house soon and I use my garage primarily as a woodshop - not too often does a car make it in. I am thinking of applying the Epoxy floor coating in the garage. Are there any reasons that I shouldn't do this? Thanks
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    Kitchen table design

    I have been asked to work on a kitchen table project that this person has designed. I have some concerns about the stability of the table and am asking for anyone who may have some knowledge on these things. In the attached photo, he shows just three legs to a round column that goes up to a...
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    help with sharpening needed

    I have a question - I recently bought a flattening stone for my waterstones. I could not find where it says if the waterstones should be wet or dry when I flatten them. My thought is it should be dry. Any one else have a thought on this? Thanks, Bryan
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    New desk finished

    I used up some Walnut I had for a while...
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    Question on Stair Nosing...

    I am looking for some ideas. I am finishing my attic and getting ready to put down the oak stair treads. I am trying to match what I currently have in the house. In the picture below, you can see where the tread nosing is attached to the tread. You can see that the nosing and tread have like...
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    Need info on having chairs upholstered

    One of my friends has 4 kitchen chairs that they need upholstered. They used to have webbing on them and the owners are now looking to have fabric or leather. I'm looking for any recommendations on companies or individuals in the Raleigh area. A pic of the chair is below. Thanks to all-...
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    Fixing a run in Shellac

    I sprayed a dresser the other day and didnt notice until the shellac was dry that i have a couple of runs/sags. I know I can use DNA to fix this, but is it better to just concentrate on the area of the run or should i do a larger area? Should I go back and respray just the affected area or...
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    anyone with experience spraying a dye?

    how difficult is it to spray a wb poly (general finishes) with a dye added? i've sprayed the wb before without the dye and had good results. i'm still somewhat new to spraying so my confidence is shaky- especially when it comes to adding a color. i had to go with the dye in order to match...
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    In need of Danish Oil

    I'm halfway thru finishing a bedroom set when i started to get low on Watco Cherry Danish Oil. I bought a new can only to find out they have changed the color. The new color is not even close to the old color. I'm looking for anyone that may have a pint around. If it is the new color- it says...

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